Thursday, 29 March 2012

Summer Body Mission Week 1

Hello Lovelies,

I don't really want to fill up my blog with stuff like this but I thought it would motivate me more if I actually recorded my progress, so apologies if this bores you...

So the recent warm weather (a rarity for the UK) has motivated me to get fitter for the summer. I never really have had an issue with my body but i would like to be able to feel really confident when im on holiday or wearing my summer clothes. Oh and i'm not going to put pictures on of the scales, because i really don't want the world to see how much i weigh...

Week 1 has been all about getting in the right frame of mind and finding the motivation to actually get up and do something. I'm on my easter holiday from uni so i definitely have the time to exercise now. I haven't bought anything like chocolate or sweets or food that I shouldn't be eating. I've also created a meal plan, which basically has all of my meals and snacks on so i can add up how many calories, grams of fat etc i've eaten that particular day.

In terms of exercise, I can't really afford a gym membership so I'm doing it on my own. Thankfully my boyfriend bought an XBOX360 along with kinect, so I've been and bought myself Just Dance 3 and Zumba, both of which are really good and I will definitely be using them alot more. I love them. I also have a twist board from the Davina range at argos, which is a simple piece of equipment to use and really does work all of your body.

So I hope this hasn't been too boring (it probably has) but I just thought it would be easier for me to record all of my progress on here, and also if anyone else is needing help on this then we could help each other to get to our goal.

Are you aiming for a summer body? Do you have any tips for getting fit? Let me know :)

Thanks Lovelies

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