Saturday, 28 March 2015

Five Spring Pinks

Now Spring is in our midst, and the weather seems to be getting ever so slightly better, I've been switching up my makeup products as I do every season. As it starts getting sunnier and hopefully warmer the thing that that I like to swap and change the most is my lip colour. 
In winter, I tend to go for dark, matte shades, and in spring I tend to go for a lighter, more glossy finish. That being said, a matte finish will always be my all time favourite. As a pink shade is what I tend to reach for the most, I thought I would share with you my top five picks...

Rimmel Kate Moss 101
A creamy blue toned matte shade which is so easy to wear. This is one of those that I throw on if I want something quick and simple. Perfect for everyday wear, and friendly on the purse strings too.

MAC Sunny Seoul 
Is relatively new to my stash, you can see it in my Back to MAC post here. Despite being new, I can just tell that I am going to be wearing this non stop. It is more coral than a typical pink but it does have a slightly pink toned shimmer to it.

Rimmel Apocalips in Nova
The glossiest of all the choices. This is a slightly deeper pink than all of the others but it still has a beautiful tone to it. Although it is quite glossy I find that it still has good lasting power and very easy to wear. 

Topshop Lipstick in Brighton Rock
One of the original shades from their makeup line and my forever favourite! This is such a bright, fun shade and everyone always comments on this when I wear it. It's also a great dupe for MACs Impassioned.

MAC Creme Cup
This is my most worn lip product by a mile! Like Rimmel 101 it s so easy to wear if your in a hurry. I find that this pale pink shade pulls all my makeup together and makes it look as though I have spent a while on my makeup even if I only spent 5 minutes.

What are your favourite pink lip products? Have you tried any of these?

Friday, 20 March 2015

The Three New Additions

After saving up all my MAC empties, I finally got round to participating in their Back to MAC scheme. I had been saving them up for a while and today I had enough for three lipsticks which left me with the difficult decision of picking them.

The Back to MAC scheme is such a great little scheme by MAC. It allows you take back six of their empty packaging in return for a free lipstick. The only exceptions are that you cannot pick limited edition shades or the Viva Glam shades. The only pieces of packaging that you cannot exchange are secondary packaging such as shopping bags and boxes, samples, applicators such as brushes, sponges and accessories like lashes. 

As I had 18 empties I had enough for three lipsticks. The shades that I picked up were Pink Plaid, Sunny Seoul and Honey Love. I had been wanting a nude shade that was warm enough without been too brown and cool enough without been too pale. Originally I had wanted Velvet Teddy but trying to track that down is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack so that is why I picked up Honey Love instead. 
I had also gone with a coral shade in mind, as one of my favourite shades is Cut A Caper, but as this was a limited edition shade I am trying to wear it as little as possible in the hope that it is re-released. The shade that was most similar was Sunny Seoul which I haven't heard a lot about, but it is quite a pink toned coral, and will be lovely for spring/summer.
The final shade that I picked up was Pink Plaid. This is one that I have seen time and time again and have just bypassed it as I didn't think that it looked anything special.That was until I swatched it in store and saw just how lovely it was. Pink Plaid is a dusky pink shade with a matte finish that will be perfect for all occasions. 

If you have some near to finishing MAC products, keep hold of them and save them up for the Back to MAC scheme because it really is worth it. All of this should have cost £46.50 but ended up costing me absolutely nothing!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Big Anniversary Giveaway

This month marks my third Blogging Anniversary and I thought that I would celebrate this with a little giveaway.
Just a little something for my readers to say a big thank you, to all of you who read, comment on my posts and are lovely members of this beauty blogging community. Rather than doing the generic giveaway of a MAC Lipstick or something similar, I thought it would be nice to put a little surprise package together. I've been collecting the prizes for a couple of weeks, and there is a nice mixture of High End and Drugstore.

This giveaway is UK Only, and will run for one month from today. Follow the Rafflecopter widget below to enter, and don't forget that all entries will be checked, you know the drill :)

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Makeup Revolution Girl Panic Palette

Ever see a palette and instantly know that you have to have it? Well that was the case for me when Makeup Revolution released the Girl Panic palette a while back, I knew it had to be mine. I've been a fan of the Salvation palettes from the brand since they first launched, and this has been a very much welcome addition to my collection.

Like the rest of the Salvation palettes this comes with a whopping 18 shades, 12 of which are shimmer and the final 6 are matte shades. The shades included in the palette remind me very much of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, with pinks, roses and browns that all blend and compliment each other beautifully. 

The beauty of this palette is that it would suit absolutely everyone. I was slightly worried that the pink tones would not go with my colouring as my skin has a slight pink undertone to it, but these shades just work perfectly. You can also create a multitude of looks with this palette, be it soft pink or a deep bronze smokey eye, to a matte neutral look. This is why it has become such a staple in my daily routine because I can switch it up a little bit more and wear a different look everyday. The formula of each shadow is buttery soft, with the shimmer shades feeling a tiny little bit spongy, which can cause a touch of fallout but nothing too major. The soft formula means that they blend like an absolute dream, and they pretty much do all the work themselves.

If you don't have this palette, then you need it. I'm pretty sure that you will love it as much as I do!

You can buy the Girl Panic Palette from the Makeup Revolution website here for £6.00

Monday, 9 March 2015

February Favourites

I'v been meaning to write this post for over a week now, but I've been so busy that I kept forgetting about it. Now that I've finally got round to it here are my February Favourites. 
I spent way too much money this month, mainly on beauty products which is no surprise, but most of the products that I bought have been well loved, and become staples in my every day makeup.

Co Lab Dry Shampoo in Rio
I've been after a new dry shampoo for a while now. I have quite a sensitive scalp which can be a pain when it comes to products like this. This has been the only one which has refreshed my long,thick hair between washes and not made my scalp itchy. I also love that it comes in different scents and volumising versions. 

L'Oreal Nude Collection in Juliannes Nude
Whilst perusing in Superdrug, I noticed that there was a 3 for 2 offer on L'Oreal. I had been meaning to pick up a new foundation anyway so thought I may as well get the three products. I picked up this lipstick as I had heard really good reviews of them, and it is also a pretty much perfect dupe for MACs Fanfare.

Hugo Boss Ma Vie EDP
As some of you may know, I work in Duty Free so I'm constantly surrounded by hundreds of different scents. This scent is light, fruity, and ever so slightly floral. It's perfect for spring, and has got me so many compliments every time I wear it.

Superdrug BB Eye Cream
This was definitely an impulse buy, but one that I'm glad I made. This is a squeezy tube with a brush applicator, that has a concealer inside. I like to use this under my foundation as it reduces the appearance of fine lines and rids any dark circles. I'm in love with this.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette
Makeup Revolution are killing it with all these new releases lately. This has become my ultimate everyday staple. It is perfect for a everyday natural look, or a deep smokey eye. The texture is beautiful, and they blend like a dream. If you don't already have this then you need to get it!

L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation
As I mentioned previously, I needed a new foundation and was over at the L'Oreal stand. I noticed this new release and new straight away that it would be perfect for my oily skin. I use this with the new mattifying primer and it stays put all day, without the need to powder my skin every few hours.

What have been your favourites this month?
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