Thursday, 8 March 2012

Beauty Tips for Spring/Summer 2012

Hello my lovelies,

So I thought I would share with you what I think are the best beauty tips for spring and summer. I like to try and stick to these (when I remember, lol) as I think make-up needs a fresh transition when new seasons are with us.

1: If you're confident enough then go bare faced! For those of you who shiver at the thought of this then try a tinted moisturiser. It gives good coverage and at the same time is lighter on the skin.

2:If you must wear concealer then try and go for a thinner one e.g. liquid as opposed to compact ones. They are easy to blend out and again are lighter on the skin.

3: Update your everyday eye look. Instead of dark eyeliners, use coloured ones to compliment your eye colour which will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.
Green eyes - use blues and golds
Blue eyes - use peaches and purples
Brown eyes - use purple and green
Or use whatever colour you feel suits your skin tone.

4: Everyone dreads the summer wax. But it has to be done ladies! To minimise the pain rub an ice cube over the area and pat down the skin with a towel, then wax away! Alternatively, apply a numbing cream like bonjela over the surface of the skin and leave for around 30 minutes then you'll be pain free when you wax.

5: On your eyes, use neutrals and pastel shades. They create the illusion of bigger eyes and look less harsh than the dark tones we use in winter.

6: For full looking lips, dip a concealer brush in very light bronzer and outline your lips. The fill in your Lips with a Peach colour. TaDah! Fuller looking lips.

7: Try not to apply blusher right up into the hair line. Use a soft pink or coral colour an apply very lightly to the apples of the cheeks. This will give you a natural looking flush of colour.

8: When applying highlighter try and use a powder one. If you don't have a powder highlighter then use an eyeshadow such as matte white or any pale shimmer colour. A powder highlighter will be lighter on your skin and will prevent any clogging up of pores.

9: Use and spf! Most foundations have spf in them but if yours doesn't, try and remember to apply one in the morning before you leave.

10: If you have long hair and you feel it gets in the way in the heat, the firs you do is tie it up. Well try and alternate where you tie the hair band everyday. This prevents breakage as if you constantly tie your hair in the same place then you will weaken your hair, leaving it prone to breakages.

I know this has been a long post, but I really wanted to share this with you. I hope you are all looking forward to spring and summer as much as I am.

Hope you enjoy Lovelies :)

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