Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mac Glitter Cream in Shimmerene

I love MAC Cosmetics and have done for a long time. I thought that I'd share with you one of my most favourite products and that's their Glitter Cream.

MACs Glitter Cream is a product that is multi-use and is suitable for everyone. It has a Champagne base that has iridescent and gold flecks of glitter in. As well as the glitter, the actual colour base has a slight hint of shimmer. It has a very similar colour effect as Cream Colour Base in Shell, but is much bigger than the CCB compacts as it is around the same size as the foundation compacts, so its very good value for money (I can't quite remember how much I purchased this for but I know that it was no more then £15)

Very good Size Compact
The formula for this isn't the best as it is quite hard as opposed to creamy and does take alot of 'warming up' before use, but this is the only downside to it.

Primarily I use this as base for my eyeshadow as it really helps the colours stick and pop. I have also used this as a highlight under my brow, on the cheek bone and to highlight the cupids bow.

Swatch of the Glitter Cream
Overall, I really like product, like I said it's one of my most favourites. However, if your looking for something that's a little more up to date, i'd give the cream colour base a go.

Fan of MAC? Love/Hate this Product? Let me know, I Love reading other people view on products :)

Thanks Lovelies :)

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