Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Gorgeous by Gok x

I can't resist anything pretty and these two sets from the Gorgeus by Gok x range really live up to being pretty :)
I would have reviewed these earlier as I got these for Christmas from my very beautiful mum as stocking fillers, but I'v been in the middle of moving out of my parents house so everything has been all over the place.
The deluxe box and the small gift set
So first is the deluxe box set that is a beautiful patent purple and gold design. It has a magnetic lid that has a message from Gok on the inside, opening into a large compartment that has 5 extremely pretty products inside. There is (from l-r) a bath essence, body wash, shimmer shower cream, shimmer body balm and a rich moisturising body butter. All of which are lavender scented. Lush
Top section of the deluxe box.
Underneath this is a small pull out drawer that has even more products in! In here is a lavender scented hand cream that creates lovely soft, silky smooth skin. A lip balm that rivals those of higher brands. Finally a silky shower cap that I actually love :)
Including the pull out section.
Onto the second gift set and this simply comes in a sort of box bag thats like 3d snake print. In this one is a spray on moisturiser and the same body wash as in the deluxe box. Another shower cap!!! I've never had one before and now I have two!!
Second Gift set.
I love these products and hadn't seen them in Boots until I unwrapped these on christmas morning, then in their big january sale I saw a few of these left. My advise is to definitely get one of these sets when you see them as they really are pretty and very very good products. 

Have you tried any of the Gorgeous by Gok x range? Let me know :)
Enjoy Lovelies <3

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