Thursday, 29 November 2012

Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser

I have to say that I had my reservations about trying this, surely it wouldn't live up to the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish? But I do have to say that I really like it.

I was starting to run out my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish so needed something that could replace it until I had a chance to get a new one. As I was in superdrugs, I had a look at their new vitamin E range and was really impressed with the variety of products and the reasonable prices. So this product was placed in my basket ready to take home with me.

First thing I noticed was how big the tube was, so it is real value for money. But the muslin cloth is really really nice quality. Obviously not on par with the Liz Earle ones, but for the price I paid, I really could not moan.

The actual cleanser is rather thick, smells divine and is gentle on skin. What more could you want? It removed my make up effortlessly, and made my skin look brighter. I've been using this for about a week now alongside my regular skin care routine and my skin looks great. Whilst the cleanser is great product for those on a budget, it doesnt match up to the Liz Earle version that is famous on the bloggersphere. 

I would repurchase this, and would probably use it for travel or like in this instance if I had run out of my favourite.

Have you tried this hot cloth cleanser? 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My MAC Must Haves...

If you're new to MAC, then it can be quite daunting knowing where to start. Here is a list of the products that I think are must haves and that I love in my own collection and think you will love too...

What are your MAC must haves? Do you own any of these?

Sunday, 25 November 2012

MUA Intense Kisses Lipgloss

The third MUA post in as many days, I'm on a roll! When my package from their website arrived this week, these were the things I was most excited to try.
The two shades that I got were Sealed with a kiss and Kiss and tell, both of which are beautiful colours and extremely wearable

First up is Sealed with a kiss. This is a beautiful nude colour that looks lovely worn alone or over the lipstick "Bare" from MUA. I'e worn this most days for an effortless nude lip, or on a night out when I've had a dark smokey eye.

Next up is Sealed with a kiss. This is a very bright raspberry colour , which doesn't look to overpowering on the lip. I have worn this alone once, but I prefer it layered over a liner or a lipstick of similar colour.

You can tell from both of the swatches above, each of these is extremely glossy with a high reflective shine. The texture is extremely thick, similar to a liquid lipstick. Due to them being slightly thicker than a normal gloss, they do have fantastic staying power, which I was really surprised by. The packaging is also really nice as I think it looks more sophisticated than normal MUA products or other drugstore/high street brands.

Have you tried any of these lip glosses? What's your favourite shade?

Lush: The Enchanter Bath Bomb

The Enchanter Bath Bomb is without doubt the brightest bath product I have ever used!
As soon as I dropped this in my filled bath, there was an explosion of bright orange which was amazing, and the room filled with a citrus scent that was a little overwhelming to be honest but it did lessen after a few minutes. 

It does have a really loud hissing nose too which I thought was a lot louder than other Lush bath bombs, it was quite relaxing just sitting and listening to it hiss and make bright patterns in my bath.
Once this starts to fizz away, thick swirls of neon pink add a marbled effect on top of the water.

As I was watching it do its magic, I did think that it seemed to take forever, so I picked it out and it was still pretty much whole! So you do get to see an amazing show of colour, but it just takes a while. The orange water stays put throughout the whole bath though so that makes it really fun. I think that kids would love this!

However, there is one huge problem with this bath bomb. As pretty as the pink is, it became my arch nemesis. Why? because it STAINS! My skin and the bath were bright pink. Whilst I was still in the bath I quickly got my exfoliator and gloves and scrubbed away, which did the make the pink come off easily. But as for the bath, it was a real pain to clean up. I tried to scrub round the bath as I let the water out, but it just wasn't budging. So this meant that after my nice relaxing bath I had to get all the cleaning stuff out and give it a good once over. Not what I wanted to do with my sunday night. 

I'm not sure that if this was released again, that I would buy it. The bath itself was lovely, but I didn't appreciate having to re-do the cleaning on a sunday night.

Have you tired this Bath Bomb? What did you think of it?

Saturday, 24 November 2012

MUA Sheer Lipglosses

MUA have been working their little socks of recently to give us plenty of new products to add to our ever growing collections. 

One of these new products is the sheer lipglosses which have become have become a welcome addition to my everyday makeup. Lipgloss is something that I never used to like, but has fast become a staple in my routine. I have three of these lipglosses from MUA, which are very sheer and very glossy. Exactly what MUA describe them as. 

Here are the colours that I have:

 The first shade that I have swatched is Some Me Time which is a very pale sugary pink. This doesn't makes your lips look washed out but give them a very nice sheen which is perfect for those who just want to emphasise their natural lip.
 The second shade is Happy Days which is very similar to the previous shade but with slightly more coral tones. For me, this is a my lips but better look, and is one that I've worn the most since purhcase. 
 Finally, is Too Much Fun, which in the tube looks like a very bright raspberry colour but on the lips is a muted red. I think this is quite similar to the rose tinted vaseline, and is great for those who just like a very slight hint of colour.

For £1, you really can't complain about anything with these lipglosses. I think if I were to pick up one negative is that the consistency is quite thick, but that does mean that he longevity is better than your average gloss. The packaging is pretty simple really, a squeezy tube with black font. Nothing else to say on that. The application of this is easy due to the shape of the tube (im not sure what the technical blogger term is for the shape of applicator but if you can imagine a built in doe foot) 

I'm pretty much in love with these products and will definitely buy the rest of the colours from the range.

These are available from superdrug or MUA online for £1 each.

Friday, 23 November 2012

MUA Cream Blush

Cream Blush is something that I had never tried until very recently, and I have to say I'm really in love with it. The latest offerings on the market from MUA are perfect for people like me who are just starting to use cream blush.

 The first one that I bought a few weeks ago was Dolly, which you can probably tell has already been used. Bad Blogger not taking pictures before using it! Dolly is a pinky/peach colour that looks lovely just patted onto the cheeks for a light flush of colour This can look a little over the top though so a light hand is essential when applying.
Next is Yummy. Slightly more muted pink than dolly and looks lovely built up in light layers for a really natural look. I'd recommend this for those who dont like their blush to look too obvious. 
Finally, its the shade Blossom. This is a very very light shade that I would describe as a dusky pink, better suited to those with a pale skin tone, as I think it would look to ashen on darker toned skin.

 Each of the swatches shows quite a dewy finish which I quite like, but this can easily be mattified with a translucent powder. These also have matching shades in the form of MUA's powder blushes which can be layered over the top for a more intense and longer lasting blush.

These blushes can be bought from Superdrugs or MUA online. 
Have you tried these blushes? What did you think of them?

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Subtle Christmas Glitter

If your not a fan of bright, glittery eyes then this look might be the one that you decide to sport this festive season.

Here is the look that I thought would be a nice alternative to my Festive Glitter Eyes which you can read here.

This is just a bare lid, a very light bronze placed in the creased, a gold glitter liner and a black liquid liner. Very simple but still with a festive feel. The products that I used were...
Mac Paint pot in Soft Ochre
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (Snakebite, YDK and Bootycall)
Collection Glitter Liner in Funk
Rimmer Liquid Liner 
Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara

this is still a bold and eye catching look without being too over the top or in your face sort of thing. I think its lovely for all the festivities that happen around this time of year

Hope you like this look. Will you be wearing anything similar this christmas?
I'd love to see any festive looks that you have done :)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dear Santa...

When my mum asks me to write a Christmas list, I never ever know what to put on it..
Here are a few things that I've been lusting over this year and that would have made it onto my list this year if I had wrote one haha...

Ugg Short Chestnut Boots: I already own a pair of Tall Black Uggs but I just think that these look so cute!
Micheal Korrs Rose Gold Watch: There are just no words for this beauty
Marc Jacobs iPad Sleeve: I saw these on a trip to Harrods and have wanted one ever since, they're amazing!
MAC Hue Lipstick: I've wanted this for so long! I will definitely treat myself to this in the new year.

Have you had a christmas list this year? What was on yours?

Monday, 19 November 2012

OCC Lip Tars

This week I purchased one of the Selfridges Lucky Bags, you can read that review here. and I was lucky enough to receive two OCC Lip Tars in my bag. 

OCC are a brand that isn't readily available in the UK, but has recently made its way into the British market. Selfridges stock OCC in the Beauty Hall in London and online, and some online retailers in the UK also stock them at a reasonable price. You can also find them on eBay but they are slightly more expensive due to international shipping.

A brand that offers only vegan and cruelty free products, their ethical stance has really made an impact in the world of cosmetics. Not only are their products all round good apples, they are also the most pigmented products I have ever come across in my life!!

Here are the two shades that I got...

First up is Demure:

The application of this was really messy, I think if I were going to use these properly I would have to use a smaller lip brush as the bristles on the one I used are a little too long. 
Demure is a lovely bright pink with hints of plum, perfect for all year round. I wore this today with just my regular foundation and mascara so I had a clean makeup look with a pop of colour. 

The Second shade was Pennyroyal:
This was the second shade that I received and I was really scared to wear this, as it really doesn't match my skin tone. But actually once on the lips it doesnt look as bad as I thought it would. I don't think I would wear this out, but I would definitely mix this with another cooler colour to perhaps warm it up.

 Finally, this is the two of them mixed together. This shade I am in love with and think its perfect for everyday pop of colour. This is just one drop of each colour but could of course be modified to suit your skin tone.

Overall, I love everything about these products, from the amazing pigmentation to the subtle mint smell and will definitely be adding more to my collection.

Do you have any of these products? What's your favourite shade?

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Selfridges Beauty Lucky Bag

I was so excited to see that earlier this week Selfridges had launched their beauty lucky bag that I just had to get one. There was only 1000 available so I knew that if I wanted one I would have to buy it just there and then.

I ordered this on wednesday, picked first class delivery and it arrived friday morning. Well done, selfridges for the speedy delivery! So here's what I got in my bag...

OCC Lip Tar in Demure 
Occ Lip Tar in Pennyroyal
Nails Inc Mini polish
Ren Rose Otto body wash
DiscoDuck Lipbalm
Strawberry Face mask*
Nail Polish remover pads*
*I'm not sure on the branding of the last two products because the packaging is really hard to read, but I'll update as soon as I find out*

There will be reviews coming soon on each of these products :)
Some the products I was really impressed with, these being the LipTars and the Ren body wash, the other products I thought were a little bit of a disappointment being that I could probably get something very similar anywhere. But, I'm not going to moan because for £15 I got three amazing products, that totalled together would be more than what I paid.

Oh another little thing, I would have liked an insert, explaining each of the products, you know the sort of ones that you get in a beauty box? Thats just a little extra so it doesn't matter too much but it would have been nice. 

Overall, I think these bags are a lovely idea, and would make a great gift for someone. I really hope that Selfridges will do something like this again because I would definitely purchase another.

Did you get one of these bags? What did you get in yours?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

And the winner is...

Hello lovelies,
A few weeks ago I held a giveaway that wasn't by any means big, it was just to give someone the opportunity to give some sample products a new home.

That giveaway has now ended and the winner has been announced, so without further ado, here is the winner ...

I have emailed you to inform you and your prizes will be with you shortly :)

Thankyou to everyone who entered, keep an eye out for another giveaway thats happening very soon :)

Festive glitter eyes

Christmas and New Year is my favourite time of year. I love every aspect of it. But one thing that is my favourite is getting all done up for the festivities. 

This is a look that I wear all year round on nights out, just different variations of it. For the festive version, Its darker and sparklier (amazing word). Its nothing too over the top but I do like to jazz it up at Christmas with a few darker shades and some falsies. So here's the look, and I'll let you know what products I used.

The producs that I used were:
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Charcoal
Sleek Glory palette
Rimmel Liquid Liner
Stargazer Holographic loose glitter
Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara
Real Techniques shadow brush
Unbranded smudge brush
Unbranded foam shadow applicator
Mac Fix+
Mac Kohl eyeliner in Smoulder

I hope you enjoy the look and will be sporting some very festive looks this seasons, I'd love to see them if you have :) 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette

I have recently run out of my favourite concealer, Bourjois Healthy Mix, and I needed a replacement quick as my under eye circles are terrible at the moment, so nipping into superdrugs this was the first thing that I picked up.

The palette comes encased in a small black case that is akin to their i-divine palettes. This is quite small, meaning you don't actually get much product, but never the less, this is perfect for travel. Just like the eye palettes, this does come with a mirror that is the full size of the case, which is great for application on the go.

Both cream colours in this kit are great for concealing dark circles and blemishes on the face. My only issue with this kit is that I have the kit in shade 2 and its a little to pale for me but the next shade up was far too dark/orange. I suppose you could mix two shades together from two different palettes, but then you have to buy extra product that you dont really need. I tend to use the darker shade just patted underneath the eye and then blending this out with the lighter shade. Then to finish, I apply the setting powder over the top. The powder does have a slight yellow under tone to it but this does even out the colour.

The consistency of the concealers is very, very creamy, but does take a fair bit of working into the skin as it does tend to just sit and settle into any fine lines. But once they have been worked in well and the setting powder on top, they look lovely. 

Overall, I would purchase this product again but probably to use as a backup or to have in my handbag incase any pesky blemishes make an appearance throughout the day.

This kit is available in 5 shades, ranging from fair to dark and retails from superdrugs or or here for £7.99