Monday, 19 March 2012

Jimmy Choo Perfume

Eeeekk! I LOVE THIS!! I'm a perfume lover and cant be without any. Unfortunately, I had used up ALL of my perfume before moving and I couldn't afford any new ones. Then my lovely boyfriends mum bought me this for Christmas and I couldn't have been happier!!

So this is the complete set but you can buy each item separately in different sizes if you want. In this set there is a perfumed body lotion and the eau de parfum. The scent for these are both the same, a floral, sweet scent. It has Hear Notes of Tiger Orchard, Top Notes of Pear Nectar and Sweet Italian Orange. Obviously this is perfect for a really girly smell.

The perfumed body lotion is a great alternatively to an actual perfume. I use this in the day time, just a small amount where I would usually spray the perfume, (now I don't use my perfume up as quickly). It really is perfumed and in noway is this diluted like most perfume body lotions and this retails at £21.50 for 100ml/3.3 FLoz
Perfumed Body Lotion 100ml £21.50

On to the actual perfume, and this is definitely at the top of my favourites list. I have the 60ml Eau De Parfum which retails at £48.50 in most places (you might be able to find some online for cheaper). But you really don't need much a little goes along way with this. Overall, this perfume definitely deserves a 10/10, for all of the products and the pretty 3d pink snake print packaging.
Eau De Parfum 60ml £48.50

Have you tried this? Any other perfumes you love? Let me know :)

Hope you enjoy Lovelies.

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