Sunday, 22 July 2012

New MAC lipsticks

I love nothing more than a new lipstick, especially a MAC one. So on a recent shopping trip, I couldn't resist and I spent what seemed like forever choosing a new shade.

Eventually I settled for three different shades, all with different finishes. 

Firstly I chose the Bloggers favourite, Creme Cup. I can certainly see why this a favourite among so many as its such an easy colour to wear, and will suit all skin tones. It's a cremesheen finish, meaning that it doesnt cling to any dry patches on the lips and its ultra nourishing. 

My eyes also drifted over to the new Heavenly Creatures Collection of which I've already purchased Lightyear Mineralized Skin Finish. This collection features the much sought after Cut a Caper, which is pretty much sold out everywhere. Being a re-promote and missing it the first time around I had to have it. Its a beautiful sheer coral colour that is non-drying and can be built up to create a lovely summer hue.

Finally, how could I not notice the brightest lipstick in the display, Morange. I've seen this colour so many times on various bloggers and youtubers that I vowed I wouldn't buy it as everyone had it. But when the MA tried this on me, I couldnt resist. How amazing are orange lips!?! Perfect effortless bright lips for the summer. The amplified finish on this means that one swipe, and this colour is popping on the lips all day!

For me, MAC Lipsticks are the best on the market, but not the most purse friendly. I'm on the look out for dupes of these colours :)

Do you have any of these colours? Any other colours to recommend?

**How hard is it to get decent lip pictures?!!?

Sleek Ultra Matte Darks

A while ago Sleek launched two new palettes which were kind of unique to their normal eyeshadow collections. These two palettes were made up of entirely matte colours. 

I had already purchased Ultra Mattes Brights which I Love and it has become my summer staple for creating fun eye looks. I was intrigued though by the Darks version. 

If I'm honest, I'm not going to be using this for a while due to the summer season (summer with a extreme lack of sun) but the colours in this are beautiful. Whilst its not the most pigmented of the Sleek palettes, its colour scheme is really nice and different, perfect for creating an alternative smokey eye. The swatches are all of one swipe of each colour, so you can see that they vary in pigmentation, but they all have their uses, some of these ( most likely dune) will be used as my everyday blending colours, whilst the others will be the main attraction of the eyes.

I really do like this palette, I'm not sure which of the matte ones is my favourite yet. Do you have this palette? Any looks using this palette? 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Instagram Diary #2

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Instagram: retrolovebeauty

Feeling Glorious?

London 2012 is just around the corner and everyone in the whole country will no doubt have some sort of memorabilia in the house. 

Well this little beauty is the only form of memorabilia that is neither overpriced or tacky. The new Glory palette from Sleek is part of the Limited Edition 2012 collection.The Collection features this Glory Palette, Honor Blush, and Pride Pout Polish. The collection can be bought from here

The palette is based around the London Underground system, which also cleverly incorporates the colour of the lines and objects based with the underground, with the medals and the Olympic Rings.

 The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is amazing. By far the best pigmentation of any Sleek palettes I've ever tried. I'm just going to let the pictures win you over because the colours of the palette really are eye catching. 

**All pictures were taken without a flash and in natural light.

Do you have any of this collection? What's your favourite piece? If you've created any Olympic style looks I'd love to see them :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Go For Gold This Summer with MUA

Everyone on the planet is aware that its the London 2012 Olympics this summer and the overly priced merchandise is coming out left right and centre!

The one bit of merchandise that I do love is the fact that Makeup Brands are bringing out their own special edition of Olympic inspired makeup. MUA's palette aptly named 'Going For Gold', brings out the colour of the medals, these being the Gold, Silver and Bronze (err duh!)

The thing that I'm really impressed with in this palette is the element of surprise. When MUA were unveilling their new palette one shade at a time everyone expected it to include the colours of the Olympic Rings, each representing a continent. But MUA did the complete opposite and stuck with this colour scheme which I think works extremely well!! The colours are as true in pigmentation as they are in pan form and will create endless glamorous looks, and the colour scheme is perfect for a sultry summer eye.

This palette also has a new design, rather than 6 round pans of shadow, there are 5 square pans of shadow which look a lot more professional and strangely more expensive than the £4 price tag. The outer packaging remains the same, still being a black and clear sturdy palette.

Overall, this palette will be an amazing edition to any makeup be it big or small, due t the fact that it really is quite unique, and certainly shows some patriotism! You'll definitely be a gold medal winner with this palette in your collection!!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

MUA Undressed Palette.

Fancy having your very own exact dupe of Urban Decays famous Naked Palette for just £4? Yes? Well then look no further than MUA's Undressed palette. 

This palette offers every variety of neutral colour that you will ever need to create a range of neutral and smokey eye looks. Every shade in this palette is pretty much an exact dupe of all of the shades in the Naked palette. 

I love this palette as I love nothing more than a everyday neutral eye. Then transforming that into a sultry smokey eye for nights out.

The colours in this palette are perfectly pigmented and pack a real punch when applied to the eye, certainly rivalling that of high end brands. 

I'd definitely recommend this palette to everyone, especially those who lust after the Naked palette but are on a budget.  

MUA Trio Eyeshadows

Being a huge fan of MUA, I like to try all of their products. The first product I ever bought of theirs was the eyeshadow trio in 'Innocence'. I'm not really sure why but I just seemed to ignore these in the shops and I'm not really sure why...

On MUA's website recently, the eyeshadow trios were two for £4 and I just couldn't resist. As you can probably see from the photos, Innocence has been used as an everyday staple for me so I wanted something similar to this but that had slightly more warmth and colour to it. I also wanted something that was different to anything that I have in my collection.
Innocence Trio

The two that I purchased were 'Chocolate Box' and 'Pink Sorbet'. Chocolate box is made up of three highly pigmented neutral shades that will be perfect for creating a bronzed smokey eye. The dark brown tones had a slight red undertone to them which make them the perfect warm colours for a summery smokey eye. Pink Sorbet is unusual for me as I normally hate pink on the eyes (it reminds me of when I was 12 or 13 and used to slap on the hot pink eyeshadow. Cringe) However, these soft shimmery tones in this trio are the perfect pinks and will look lovely on any skin tones. The darker two shades in this trio have slightly blue/purple undertones giving a slightly cool effect.
Chocolate Box
Pink Sorbet

Overall, these trios are amazing for the price and the pigmentation certainly rivals that of higher end products. These are currently two for £4 on MUA's website, but are available as separate products from Superdrug stores.

Have you tried any of these trios? Whats your favourite MUA product?