Saturday, 10 March 2012

My wish list 2012

So, I'm constantly going to be changing my mind but this is my wish list at the minute. Honestly, if my student loan stretched that far I'd have bought all these a million times over!

 1. Spike Necklace from Topshop - I actually can't tell you how much I want one of these! I've seen loads of people on YouTube and blogs with one and I really really want one, they look so stylish and alternative.

 2. MAC Zoom Lash Mascara in Black - I'm always on the hunt for a new mascara and this is the one I'm after at the minute. I love the look of long lashes and this one seems to do the trick. You can buy this from any MAC store or Here

 3. MAC blusher in Fluer Power - I had this a long time ago and used it so much. I'm out of it now and desperately want some more. It's such a pretty colour and perfect for my skin tone. You can buy this from any MAC store or Here

 4. Two tone heels from New Look - I've seen some beautiful two tone heels in new look and they are just lovely. They're a nude platform heels with flashes of neon green. I know they sound gross but trust me, they are so nice!

 5. Lipstick from the Kate Moss collection - I forget what this lipstick is called but it's the dark purple shade. I know it's coming to spring and pastel colours are at top of most peoples list but I love this lipstick so much it's beaut!You can buy this from Superdrug and Boots or online Here

 6. MAC Lipstick in Cyber - Again another dark purple shade but I've wanted a purple lipstick for so long...  
You can buy this from any MAC store or Here

7. Black Tote Bag from Zara - I love classic bags like this one but I normally am on a budget so buy most of my bags from primark. But this bag is such a classic it will last you forever.

 8. Nails inc polish in Shoreditch - I've had this colour for a while and I love it. I'm nearly out so I need to re invest. For those of you who don't know, it's a block pink colour that's perfect for spring/summer.

 9. The rest of MUA Love Hearts Collection - I already have 2 of the lip balms in Great Lips and Sugar Lips, and one nail polish in I <3 U. I love these so much and want the rest of the collection but every time I go to Superdrug to buy some more there never is any left everyone else has got in there before me. I might have to set up camp outside...

 10. Finally, I so so so so badly want a pair of Jeffrey Campbell litas. How beautiful are these?! I love them so much. I've seen tons of people with them on YouTube and fell in love with them. I might have to ask my boyfriend for these for my birthday in the summer... Plan

 Sorry for the ridiculously long post again, but I just thought I'd share my want for all these things. If any of you have any of these things or have tried them then let me know what you thought/think of them :)

 Thanks lovelies :)

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