Monday, 30 April 2012

After exam shopping

Today after my exam, I thought I needed some well earned retail therapy so off I went into town. Much to the disappointment of my bank card. oops.

As always I couldn't resist the cosmetics that are on offer practically everywhere! Also the clothes too... but I justified that I had just started a new job and needed some new work clothes :) Luckily it's a casual dress company so I can pretty wear what I like and didn't need to buy any smart business clothes.

Here's a list of everything I bought:
Sleek Ultra Matte Brights Palette
Rescue Oil
MUA Lipgloss in Shade 2
MUA Clear Mascara (used as a brow gel)
MUA Blush in Shade 1
Barry M Nail Paint in Silvery Lilac
Barry M Nail Paint in Copper
MAC Kohl Eyeliner in Teddy
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium

My poor bank balance but I know I'll definitely get alot of use out of all of these. After using them I will do individual reviews on the products. I think Im going to have to curb my spending habit ^_^

Hope you enjoy lovelies :)

If you have any of these products I would really love to know what you think of them.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Collection Lipsticks: The perfect brights?

Mango Tango and Sweet Tart

I love a good lip product, as you all know and these are actually some of my favourites.

Now that the seasons are changing I want to change my lip look from dark to bright. This brand is the perfect way to do that.
I already have quite a collection of products from this brand so I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed with them. These lip products, even the matte ones, are really really moisturising on the lips. All of the shades give great colour pay off too.

The two shades I got were Mango Tango and Sweet Tart, both on the pink scale but two very different types of pink.
I love these lipsticks and at their bargain price (currently 2 for £4.99 in superdrug) they're not going to break the bank even at everyday use.

Mango Tango is ultra bright, and does not look as scary on the lips as it may look in the tube to some people. It will look so cute on a hot summers day with neutral makeup.

Sweet Tart isn't really a colour I would normally go for as its quite a girly pink. But after swatching the tester in store I couldn't wait to get this home!

Do you have any of these lipsticks? Any that you would recommend? Let me know lovelies :)

Monday, 23 April 2012

MUA 3 in 1 contour liner

Been a massive MUA fan I couldn't wait to get my hands on these. I didn't want to buy online as I wanted to see them in person before I decided if I was going to buy them or not. But as always, my local superdrug let me down with only a very few, grubby products left. 

The outer packaging doesn' have the shade name on it which kinda gets on my nerves!
When I managed to get some I couldn't decide between all of the colours, eventually I settled for Gunmetal and Smoked Plum. These are advertised to give big bold eyes, a soft and sultry look or definition for a dramatic finish. The different angles of the liner allow for you to create all of these different looks. 

Unfortunately, I don't like these as an eyeliner. I find the formula of these very waxy and when they go onto the lid, the colour doesn't transfer as well as it does when swatched. I also couldn't get to grips with the way that you can use these in different was as the liner itself didnt seem to want to work when used in different ways. Hmmm.

Charcoal and Smoked Plum
However, all is not lost with these as they do make great eyeshadow bases. I used mine as a little experiment to be honest but it worked like a freakin dream. No creasing, long lasting, vibrant colour. What more could you want?

At £1.50 I would buy these again in other colours, but I wouldn't use them for their intended purpose. 

Have you tried any of these? Any other products on the market that are similar? Let me know lovelies :)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

MUA From Dusk til Dawn Palette

I don't think there's a product from MUA that I don't love and this certainly is one of those products.

From Dusk til Dawn is palette that consists of 12 shades designed to take you right through the day to your big night out. Hence the name of the palette. The shades are all shimmer which can put some people off, but they're not too overpowering as they are blendable and buildable to any requirement. All of the shades would suit any skin tone or eye colour, making them ultra versatile.

There are 2 shades that are slightly 'powdery' and chalky, these are the dark blue and the black shade, I think this is because they have slightly larger bits of glitter in them, but they are still extremely wearable. The texture of the rest of the shades is perfect and rivals that of higher end brands such as MAC.

This palette is one of many from MUA and is available on their website or from superdrug stores for £4 - Bargain!

Do you have this palette? Have any of the other MUA palettes? Let me know lovelies :)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sleek Eau La La Liners

I love a good Sleek product and this definitely is one of those products! I was torn between which colour to get, and as I was only limiting myself to one as a trial one, this choice became even harder!

The liners are designed as a multi purpose product, perfect for the eyes, lips, brows and body with a  waterproof and moisturising formula. I haven't tried them anywhere but on the lips yet. but they give a lovely even coverage with a matte finish.

I eventually settled with "Dragon Fruit" a raspberry pink colour. I chose this colour because its really appropriate for the time, and its adds a nice pop of colour without being too over board.

This is definitely having pride of place in my lip products collection for its brilliant colour and pigmentation, longevity, and its overall awesomeness!

MUA Immaculate Palette

Just when you think you have enough palettes, this little beauty comes along and reminds you of the reasons why MUA is so fricking amazing! I've been blogging alot about MUA recently, but why the hell not when they keep coming up with amazing products!!

This week I took full advantage of the discount code that MUA were promoting after getting 20,000 likes on faceboook. This promotional offer was for a free immaculate palette when using the code that was given. I wanted a new eyeliner so I thought why not get the two together and save myself some money. How glad am I that I did this?!

So the Immaculate Palette retails for £8 on MUA's website and in superdrug stores, which in my opinion is so so cheap for a product like this. You get 24 shades, some of which are very similar to the mono shadows that they do for £1 each. 

The pigmentation of these colours is amazing and to be honest they rival higher end brands in terms of variety and longevity. 

The packaging is sleek, easy to carry around, and makes it easy to see exactly what product your picking up. The best thing about this I think is the back of palette, where it has a list of all of the shades that are included in the palette, so you know exactly what your using. There's also a "mini masterclass" on the back that gives you an idea using the shades in the palette.

I'm sorry the swatches aren't of a good quality but my camera is terrible at the minute. ( I think my boyfriend has changed the settings. Grrr) All of the swatches are done with one swipe so all the colours are equal.
I LOVE this product so much!! Definitely my new everyday/night staple!! Thanks MUA :)

Swatches Top Row Shades 1 to 8
Swatches Middle Row shades 9 to 16
Swatches Bottom Row Shades 17 to 24
Have you got this palette? Any looks to recommend using any of the shades? Let me know beauties :)

Friday, 20 April 2012

MUA BB Cream

Everyone's been going mad for BB creams lately since they've burst onto our markets. Starting on the asian market, aimed at women who had had surgery and wanted to still wear makeup that wouldnt aggravate the scar tissue.

Designed to give fantastic coverage, concealing any blemishes, it has become a beauty favourite amongst many. However, many of them on the market are quite expensive or hard to get hold of. Enter MUA! The genius's there have created their very own BB Cream for a bargain price that fits right in with MUA's other products. 

At first I was a little sceptical about using this because I hate that feeling of not having a good coverage on my face . I couldn't have been more wrong about it! Not only does it give great coverage but it conceals dark circles, blemishes and it extremely moisturising on the skin. You get 30g of product so its pretty much the standard size of and sort of product like this.

I was going to show the before and after results on my face but the lighting in my flat is so poor , it just didnt do the product any justice.
I have it in shade light which is because I'm really pale at the minute (I'm currently a MAC NC20) but in the summer I think I'll upgrade to medium because this isn't actually much darker than the light shade.

Overall, I'd recommend this to everyone, especially someone like me who is trying a BB Cream fro the first time. I guarantee you wont be disappointed by it :)

Have your tried this product? Do you have any favourite BB Creams? Let me know lovelies :) 

Collection 2000 CreamPuff

Adding more products to my ever growing lip collection is something ill never stop doing, there are just too many things I love.

My latest addition is the Collection 2000 Cream Puffs in "Fairy Cake" and "Cotton Candy". These advertise themselves as moisturising lip creams with a matte finish. Oh they are not wrong. 
Fairy Cake and Cotton Candy

The formula of these are amazing! Easy to apply and so smooth on the lips. At first they are like a gloss without the shine but then they dry a few minutes later and are like a matte lipstick. The colour is very pigmented too and lasts a hell of a long time.

i did want to take pictures of these on the lips but I couldn't get a decent picture :( sorry lovelies.

These are available from both Boots and Superdrugs. At superdrugs at the minute they're 2 for £4.99. I love these and want to buy the other 2 colours in the collection but I havent managed to get my hands on them yet :(

Have you ever tried these? Any alternatives? Let me know beauties :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Soft Pink eye makeup look

I never wear pink on my eyes so I thought I'd give it a try. I hated it! I had to vamp it up a little but didn't want too much contrast so this is the look I came up with...

I like this alot more than just using pinks because its still quite neutral whilst still adding a splash of colour. Easily wearable for everyday.
For this look I used Sleeks Oh So Special palette and Eylure Lashes. 
I'll definitely be wearing this look again.

Hope you like lovelies ^_^

Have you done a look like this? Send me your eye makeup looks, I love seeing them and hearing your stories of inspiration :)

Girl on Fire Makeup Look

Ok so I know I'm like the millionth person to do a makeup look called the Girl on Fire, but I thought that this was a really fitting name for this look which has been a favourite of mine for some time.

For this look I used Sleeks Sunset palette, Mac Fluidline Liner in Blacktrack, and Eylure Lashes. I really like this look because of the use of colour. It's not too out there but is a great way to inject some colour into your look. I think this look would also look great with matte colours for a different  variation.

Hope you enjoy beauties :)

Have any of you done a look similar to this? Any suggestions to improve the look? 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sleek Sunset Palette

Another buy from Sleek (I swear I'm obsessed!) This time in the form of the Sunset palette. 

Just like my Storm palette, I picked one up that doesn't have any names on the film so I cant actually tell you what the colours are :(
I love the colours in this palette, although all on the same sort of spectrum (aside from the blue) they are all so diverse and can be used to create a multitude of looks. 
This palette isn't for those who don't like their brights though as the colours are really pigmented and are as true on the skin as they are in the pan. The range of colours though will take you right through those warm summer nights to those crisp autumn days.
Going to create some lush looks with these colours.

Hope you all love this palette as much as I do.
If you have any questions about any of the products that are on my bog please feel free to ask :)

Sleek Oh So Special Palette

This was always next on my list and I couldn't resist this little beauty when I noticed my local superdrug had it in stock!

Swatches: Top Row l-r Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz, Celebrate
Bottom Row l-r Pamper, Gateau, The Mail, Boxed, Wrapped Up, Noir

Again, I'm still a little disappointed that the waffle design has gone but the front design of the large swirly font has remained the same on this palette. 
The colours in this palete are so pretty and are great for everyday or a night out, endless looks will be created with these shades. With a nice mix of shimmer and matte, light and dark, theres something for everyone.

Do you have this palette? What's your favourite Sleek palette? Created any looks with these palettes? Let me know beauties :)

P.S Gateau reminds me of the "Rose Gold" shade of blusher, BONUS!!!

Lip Products Collection

I love lip products so so much, but my true love is for lipsticks I just cant get enough of them. Here's a few snap shots of my lip products.

 The Complete collection.

I don't know the brand of these but how cute?! I have a peach and red currant flavour both of which are just delish!! Neither of them give a colour to the lips but they are ultra nourishing and also SPF 4.

I love Topshops makeup range and couldn't be more pleased with these products. The lipstick is in shade "Brighton Rock" which I know is really popular amongst bloggers. The Tint is only available in one shade which is "Bitten Berry" and can be used for lips or cheeks.

I don't really have many NYC products but I think I will have to get some more after buying these. The lipstick is in shade "Blue Rose". A bright pink with blue shimmer in, which makes your teeth look shades whiter. The lip tint is in shade "persistant pink" which is a very pale pink that gives a natural looking colour to the lips.

Ahhh Collection2000 (now rebranded as Collection). I love this brand so so much. The Cream Puffs are in shade "Fairy Cake" and "Cotton Candy" (l-r) and a full review is available here. The lipsticks are in shade "Queen of Hearts" and "Ruby Red" both of which are matte shades and ultra red on the lips.

Barry M lips products aren't the best of highstreet/drugstore but these 2 are the ones that I actually do like. The "Touch of Magic" lip paint is different for everyone as it adapts to your lip tone. The pink one is shade "146" which is a very very bright barbie pink perfect for those who want statement lips.

MUA lipsticks are definitely some of the best on the highstreet and at £1 each they are a total bargain. The shades are (l-r) Shade 8, Shade 3, Shade 4, Shade 13, Shade 7. I will do individual reviews on each of these colours in the very near future.

The MUA lipsticks also have a coloured bottom to them making it easy to see what shade it is when it is in your makeup storage. This little cap comes off of the lipstick bullet and is full of the same shade lipstick. A cute little edition and totally unique (beautyuk do have lipsticks with a coloured cap but this does not contain actual product).

I also have MUA Lipglosses, and again at £1 they're another bargain. I'm not really a big lipgloss fan but these are a really nice addition to add over a matte lipstick. The shades are  top: Shade 3, bottom: Shade 5.

The miscellaneous products. I love all of these and definitely have plans to buy more. Products l-r Bare Escentuals in "Opulence", Natural Collection in "Crimson", 17 in "Twilight Teaser" ( my mum told me this was really popular in the 80's ^_^), MAC Viva Glam Gaga, and Sleek Pout Paint in " Minx".

This isn't the largest collection by any means but I definitely won't stop buying any lip products any time soon, I love them too much!!

Do you have any of these products beauties? Let me know if you want a review on any of the single products :)