Monday, 26 March 2012

Another Bargain Haul...

I seriously need to stop spending!! But these were all bargains so I don't feel to guilty about it :)

So my first stop was Primark. I pretty much buy a lot of clothes from here as they're all such good bargains and they always have something for everyone. And as it's been really warm lately I thought i would treat myself to some new summer clothes. Lets hope we get a lovely summer.

The first thing i bought was a chiffon sleeveless shirt. Dark blue with lace inserts on the shoulders and the  upper chest. It has a light pink tulip design all over and is a dip hem shape. From Primark £10

I also bought a dress that fits in with the pastel and tribal trend at the same time. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it, it's so casual but alternative at the same. It's also great for someone who is a bit printphobic to work into their wardrobe. From Primark £10

Another Dress... The same shape as the previous dress but with a different design. Simple stripes (stripes are my favourite). I think the colours really compliment each other and are perfect fro the summer season. From Primark £10

So onto the makeup. I just hit pan on my beloved MAC bronzing powder so i wanted to save that for a while and I bought MUA's Mosaic Bronzer. I thought that this wouldnt be as good as it is because of the price (even though I have lost of MUA's products, i was slightly sceptical about this). How wrong was I? A quick swirl of the brush in the powder and you have beautiful flush of colour that looks really really natural.

At the same time, I picked up MUA's lipgloss in shade 5. I'm not normally a gloss person but I don't want to be wearing tons of lipstick in the summer as I prefer the natural look. This gloss is actually quite close to my lip colour anyway so I can't really comment on the colour although it did make my lips look more pigmented. The shine it gives is just as good as high end brands.

Finally, in Primark, they have started selling nail polish that is independant of their own cosmetics line. The sell rimmel!! But I was more drawn to the Angelica stand that they have close to the tills. This is a collection of pastels, neon, glitters and crackle polishes. I picked up a really pretty pastel blue in the shade "Be Mine". I haven't used this yet but I will post about it as soon as I do. From Primark £2.50

I know this is a massive post but it is a haul lol. And, i'm so excited about summer I just had to share everything with you all.

Hope I haven't bored you too much and that you've enjoyed this post.

Thanks Lovelies :)

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