Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Collection

Normally, I'm not really bothered about what shampoo I use, as long as its of a decent quality. But when i saw this advertised on tv and in a magazine I couldn't resist. The collection is just simply a shampoo and conditioner, an intensive conditioner and a finishing cream (Herbal Essence's first finishing cream). I intended to just buy the small sizes of the collection incase I didn't like it, but when I went to buy, the whole collection was half price in superdrugs. It would have been rude to say no!

The Full Collection
If you have really straight hair then this isn't going to work for you as its designed for wavy/curly hair so it manipulates the natural movement and defines curls. I don't really have curly hair but I do have wavy hair so this is a god send for me as other shampoos tend to make my hair stick out in every direction or make me look like i've been dragged through a hedge backwards!

The shampoo and conditioner both have a lovely scent to them and have the perfect consistency (not too thick, not too runny), and the shampoo lathers up really nicely. The conditioner is also ultra easy to wash out, unlike some others that feel like they really clogg up the hair. As well as taming the hair and giving it the perfect finish, the cherry on the cake for me is the added shine boost that it gives your hair!

The Intensive conditioner is just perfect! I'm a big fan of intensive hair treatments after knowing what good they do your hair (found this out from my job in a hairdressers). This one does exactly what it says on the tub. Leave in for 5 minutes and rinse out = perfect soft curls in an instant.

Intensive Hair Mask: a very thick conditioner
Finally, the finishing cream is strange but amazing! I normally towel dry my hair the add a tiny amount of this (trust me, a little goes a long with this, I have extremely thick hair and use the tiniest amount). Then when my hair is dry I add a little more just to hold my curls in place, I wouldn't recommend this f you have thin hair though.
The finishing cream: i've used this loads on my really thick hair and have hardly made a dent!

Overall, this is easily one of my favourite hair products ever and I will definitely be buying this again!

Are you a Herbal Essences fan? Let me know what you think in the comments box, or if you just want to ask general questions. Also, contact me on Twitter @RetroLove19 (sorry for the confusion with my twitter name, it's slightly different to my blog because twitter wouldnt let me have the same name)

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