Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lush Cupcake Face Mask

I've been using this face mask for a while and have just recently repurchased. The first thing that attracted me to this was obviously the fact that its essentially chocolate. Who doesn't love chocolate?!

Outer Packaging: This is a regular 75g pot. Some Lush stores do offer larger pots.
This face mask is essentially for teenage skin, but still beneficial to other skin types, as it nourishes and moistures the face, (moisturising is something that not many teens stick too), with hints of mint to tone the face. The cocoa butter also absorbs and extra oil and grease that the skin may have. This means that any break outs will be dried up without you having to worry about getting that blemsh to disappear and covering it in tons of makeup.

After using this product I noticed a definite difference in my skin after only a few applications. At first I used this product once every 3 days, just so that my skin got used to it. Now I use it once a week and it is still doing wonders for my 19 year old face :)

The product itself doesn't look too appealing but is well worth the final results :)
Definitely buy this product if your skin has any of these qualities, you will definitely notice a difference after using it. The tubs retail at £5.75 which might seem expensive for a face mask but, a little goes along way! You can buy from the Lush website here  or you can go into any Lush store.

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