Monday, 2 April 2012

MUA Haul

I'm a massive fan of MUA Cosmetics as you all know so I couldn't resist these little beauties...

The Complete Haul.

The Eye Products.
The Lipsticks.

I had been on the lookout for a BB cream for a long time and couldn't find one that was the right shade for my skin. Then i found the MUA one in Light and I couldn't be happier with it. I'll review this properly after i have used it a few times.I also got thre lipstick in shades 7,3 and 11 (in same order as picture). Shade 7 is a shimmery peach, Shade 3 is a hot pink with a hint of shimmer and Shade 11 is a creamy nude colour thats perfect for everyday. Theres also a lipgloss wand in shade 3 a beautiful raspberry colour.
The eye products I purchased were an eyebrow pencil in brunette, a liquid liner in shade 2 which is a bright turquoise colour, and also a single eyeshadow in shade 27 which is a pearl finish. 

So thats the full hauls which cost me just £10, my purse had a little sigh of relief!!

Do you love MUA? Let me know what your favourite product is :)
Adios Beauties :) 


  1. I love MUA products there amazing! & so cheap, I did a review on the eyebrow pencil you brought, but i got the blonde colour. I also really love their nail varnishes & I have there blusher!
    I really want to try their lipsticks and I will soon love MUA!
    Jess x x

    1. The quality of them is amazing and especially at that price! I bought the mosaic blusher and bringer a few weeks ago along with a few other bits from there collection. These are the first lipsticks I've had of theirs, I tried them out quickly tonight and they're amazing! I think I'll have everything of theirs pretty soon!
      Katie x

    2. Apologies, that was meant to say bronzer not bringer lol...


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