Friday, 6 April 2012

Kiss False Eyelashes

In a recent haul post here I showed you my bargain eyelashes from Kiss. I've finally got round to actually wearing them and I have to say I'm honestly in two minds about them.

I don't really want to moan about them considering the price I paid for them but they didn't do what they claimed. Don't get me wrong, the eyelashes themselves were amazing and I have worn them so much and had so many compliments about them.

My issue with them came with the application of them. These claim to be "5 times faster and easier" because of the applicator strings. Honestly, they should be renamed "5 times faster and slower". I seriously could have thrown these out of the window. When you use the applicator strings, they twist the eyelashes so they loose their shape. You also can't cut them down to size because of the strings.

I decided enough was enough and I ripped out the strings and just applied them using my normal bog standard tweezers and hey presto they were on my eyes within seconds. So why the need for the strings?!

Have you tried these lashes? Can you see the point of the applicator strings? Let me know Lovelies :)

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