Friday, 20 April 2012

MUA BB Cream

Everyone's been going mad for BB creams lately since they've burst onto our markets. Starting on the asian market, aimed at women who had had surgery and wanted to still wear makeup that wouldnt aggravate the scar tissue.

Designed to give fantastic coverage, concealing any blemishes, it has become a beauty favourite amongst many. However, many of them on the market are quite expensive or hard to get hold of. Enter MUA! The genius's there have created their very own BB Cream for a bargain price that fits right in with MUA's other products. 

At first I was a little sceptical about using this because I hate that feeling of not having a good coverage on my face . I couldn't have been more wrong about it! Not only does it give great coverage but it conceals dark circles, blemishes and it extremely moisturising on the skin. You get 30g of product so its pretty much the standard size of and sort of product like this.

I was going to show the before and after results on my face but the lighting in my flat is so poor , it just didnt do the product any justice.
I have it in shade light which is because I'm really pale at the minute (I'm currently a MAC NC20) but in the summer I think I'll upgrade to medium because this isn't actually much darker than the light shade.

Overall, I'd recommend this to everyone, especially someone like me who is trying a BB Cream fro the first time. I guarantee you wont be disappointed by it :)

Have your tried this product? Do you have any favourite BB Creams? Let me know lovelies :) 


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