Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Colour Club: Alter Ego Reveal Your Mystery Collection

Hello, Lovelies.

I'm a massive nail polish fan and I have a huge collection, I juts can't resist all of the pretty colours that are available. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was when I came across this collection in my local TK Maxx. Available for £7.99 usually retailing at around £30

I bought the light version although there was also a glitter version and a dark version but I thought the shades in this one were more wearable. The shades are:
903 Get a clue - a bright cool toned pink
904 Revealed - a muted orange/ bright peach
905 Incognito - a pale grey colour with a slight hint of blue
906 Secret Rendezvous - a more muted version of get a clue with a cool hint of blue
907 Sheer Disguise - very pale pinky peach colour with a slight hint of peach gold and pink shimmer
908 Give me a hint - blue toned mint green colour
Milky White Basecoat

 I'm so pleased I found this as I normally had them shipped over from the USA which was starting to get really expensive. I'll definitely be trawling the shelves of TK Maxx more often :)

Have you tried any of these polishes? What's your favourite shade? Let me know beauties :)


  1. Hi

    I picked up this set too! Such great value..but the milky base coat thing, mine is clear? I'm not sure why it's called Mily White Basecoat?! Any ideas?? xx

  2. I wasn't sure either, but after using it a few times I've noticed it does even out the colour of your nails so maybe that's why?? Hmmm I'm not really sure x

  3. Hi There i was just reading your blog, it's great. i also have this collection, but in mines the first two colours are the other way around lol, i'm guessing they got mixed up at TK Maxx. i'll need to amend my post lol xx


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