Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Festive Nails : My Favourite Looks

Finally! A new post! Hurrah! Now that December has reared its beautiful head, it's the perfect time to get all festive, not that we needed much of an excuse anyway.

Today's post is quite a rare one from me, as I don't often post about nails and other related stuff, and I'm not really sure why, but I did enjoy doing this particular one. So, I was thinking the other day about the Christmas Posts that I wanted to do, and straight away I realised that I love doing my nails around Christmas so obviously it was a good idea to blog about how I do my nails over the festive period. Without further ado, here are my must-have nails this Christmas...

I've shown my three favourite ways to do my nails, but have shown a few different variations with the shades that I favor over the festive period.

1: Chunky Glitter.
I love a chunky glitter polish as they look so spectacular either layered over a block colour or built up on their own. Barry M Glitter Paint in Amethyst, Pink Sapphire, and Ruby are my glitters of choice, along with Models Own Nail Polish Duo in SnowMix. I choose to wear Amethyst alone and layer Pink Sapphire and Ruby over a white polish, for a simple but pretty effect. When I wear Snowmix, I paint two coats of the white polish followed by one coat of the multicoloured glitter, then with another thin layer of white on top. I love the sandwich effect that this gives, and its really simple nail art.

2: Block Shades.
If I want statement nails, with very little effort I will use one block shades that I know will usually stand out and pair with any outfit. Again, I have some stunning shades from Barry M Nail Paints in Copper and Silvery Lilac. Both of them are such unique colours that they do all the talking, and don't require any other polish to jazz them up. The next one is a very pretty shade from Topshop, in Petrol. This is really lovely deep silver with a green duo-chrome to it, very similar to effect of petrol on water.The final block colour is from Essie in the shade Pearly White, which is a really girly white shade with a pearl tone it, much like the name suggests. It's and effortlessly glam shade, which really sets of a Christmas dress.

3: Fine Glitter.
We're going a little glitter cray today! All of these next polishes have the same topcoat over them which is from Attitude. The glitter in this polish is so fine that my camera barely picked it up. but it is simply a very fine glitter suspended in a clear base. The glitter is iridescent so it shines many different colours in many different lights. The shades that i have layered it over in order are Nails Inc St James Gel Effect PolishEssie Nail Polish in LuxedoChina Glaze Nail polish in Liquid Leather, and Barry M Nail Paint in Racing Green. These four shades are my absolute faves at this time of year. but I love them even more with a little touch of sparkle.

So there we have it! My fave festive nails. i would love to know what you think of my favourite nail designs for christmas and share yours too :)

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