Saturday, 10 November 2012

Small Lush Haul

After seeing the new christmas items that Lush have in stock, I've been meaning to go in there, have a good sniff, and pick up a few products. Today when I was in town I did just that.

The shop was so busy that I didnt really get a chance to have a proper look round, but there is a few more things I would like to by so keep an eye out for a part 2. Here's what I bought and a description from Lush...

Cinders Bath Bomb:
This one really stood out to me as its so bright! I've also read great things about this bath bomb on the bloggersphere.
What Lush Say:
A real Christmas time ballistic that fights the chill and brings peace and comfort. Lie back, letting the water support your body, and listen to the fire as the smell of warm fruit punch fills the room.

Party Popper Bath Bomb:
How could I not pick this up?! This just looks like so much fun I really can't wait to try this out!
What Lush Say:
This fruity, fizzy party piece is a movable feast of delights. Contains everything you need for a celebration in your own bathtub. Drop a Party Popper cone in your bath and watch it spin into action, as it goes on a spree across your bath spreading colours, fragrance, popping candy and soap confetti.  Softening your bathwater, fragrancing your skin and washing you clean.

Twilight Bath Bomb:
I used this once a long time ago, and revisited my old favourite today. I remember this was great for stress relief, and with my uni assignments looming over my head, this is exactly what I need.
What Lush Say:
If you are struggling to sleep, then this is perfect for using in the evenings. With lavender oil for when you need a bit of extra help to wind down.

The Enchanter Bath Bomb:
I haven't really read much about this and picked it up on a whim. This smells amazing so definitely looking forward to trying this.
What Lush Say:
To cast a magical spell of colour and fragrance over your bathroom, simply drop The Enchanter in the tub. This layered ballistic changes colour as it fizzes, swirling in haze of orange and pink and releasing its sunny lime and neroli fragrance.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub:
Everyone and their nan has heard of or tried this, this is my second pot of this and im still as in love with it as the first day I tried it.
What Lush Say:
The pink all things girly, bubblegum flavour lip scrub. Clears dead skin and flakiness from lips, leaving them moisturised and smooth.

All descriptions from Lush


  1. Party popper has popping candy and confetti inside it , amazing!!!! Xx


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