Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dear Santa...

When my mum asks me to write a Christmas list, I never ever know what to put on it..
Here are a few things that I've been lusting over this year and that would have made it onto my list this year if I had wrote one haha...

Ugg Short Chestnut Boots: I already own a pair of Tall Black Uggs but I just think that these look so cute!
Micheal Korrs Rose Gold Watch: There are just no words for this beauty
Marc Jacobs iPad Sleeve: I saw these on a trip to Harrods and have wanted one ever since, they're amazing!
MAC Hue Lipstick: I've wanted this for so long! I will definitely treat myself to this in the new year.

Have you had a christmas list this year? What was on yours?


  1. Great choices:) I think a new camera is on the top of my list this year. Mine is going on 8 yrs old so I think a new one is needed lol:)
    Sara xx

  2. I bought myself a Michael Kors rose gold watch this year, I absolutely love it :)
    ps I found your blog through #bbloggers! :)

    1. I really would like one, I think they're just beautiful x

  3. Some really nice things. I find ipad sleeves a bit of a pain though, I prefer cases, easier to open. (me=lazy)

    I really want a DSLR so we shall see what happens

    Found you through the #bbloggers blog hop.


    1. I'm usually the same and prefer cases, but this sleeve was just too pretty for words. Hope you get what you want :)



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