Saturday, 24 November 2012

MUA Sheer Lipglosses

MUA have been working their little socks of recently to give us plenty of new products to add to our ever growing collections. 

One of these new products is the sheer lipglosses which have become have become a welcome addition to my everyday makeup. Lipgloss is something that I never used to like, but has fast become a staple in my routine. I have three of these lipglosses from MUA, which are very sheer and very glossy. Exactly what MUA describe them as. 

Here are the colours that I have:

 The first shade that I have swatched is Some Me Time which is a very pale sugary pink. This doesn't makes your lips look washed out but give them a very nice sheen which is perfect for those who just want to emphasise their natural lip.
 The second shade is Happy Days which is very similar to the previous shade but with slightly more coral tones. For me, this is a my lips but better look, and is one that I've worn the most since purhcase. 
 Finally, is Too Much Fun, which in the tube looks like a very bright raspberry colour but on the lips is a muted red. I think this is quite similar to the rose tinted vaseline, and is great for those who just like a very slight hint of colour.

For £1, you really can't complain about anything with these lipglosses. I think if I were to pick up one negative is that the consistency is quite thick, but that does mean that he longevity is better than your average gloss. The packaging is pretty simple really, a squeezy tube with black font. Nothing else to say on that. The application of this is easy due to the shape of the tube (im not sure what the technical blogger term is for the shape of applicator but if you can imagine a built in doe foot) 

I'm pretty much in love with these products and will definitely buy the rest of the colours from the range.

These are available from superdrug or MUA online for £1 each.


  1. Definitely going to go out and buy one of these! :)

    Hey, absolutely fantastic blog!! Found you on the bbloggers blog hop! Glad I did xx

    Emma @ YorkshirePud
    Running a giveaway too in you fancy entering to win some nail goodies xxx

  2. Thankyou lovely it means a lot :) xx

  3. I am not keen on sheer lip glosses so really appreciate this review.Love your blog. I found you via #bblogger Blog Hop 12 and I am now following you I would love if you'd check out mine :-) xxxRose - Milkymoles Makeup & Plus Size Musings

  4. sweetie you bloglovin link is wrong, it directs to "myblog" which is the blog of any logged in user. Go to your blog and copy/paste the url in the browser bar with your id number in it xxx Rose

    1. ahh thankyou, Ive had the worst trouble with that link, I'll try and get it sorted now.
      Thankyou xx


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