Sunday, 25 November 2012

Lush: The Enchanter Bath Bomb

The Enchanter Bath Bomb is without doubt the brightest bath product I have ever used!
As soon as I dropped this in my filled bath, there was an explosion of bright orange which was amazing, and the room filled with a citrus scent that was a little overwhelming to be honest but it did lessen after a few minutes. 

It does have a really loud hissing nose too which I thought was a lot louder than other Lush bath bombs, it was quite relaxing just sitting and listening to it hiss and make bright patterns in my bath.
Once this starts to fizz away, thick swirls of neon pink add a marbled effect on top of the water.

As I was watching it do its magic, I did think that it seemed to take forever, so I picked it out and it was still pretty much whole! So you do get to see an amazing show of colour, but it just takes a while. The orange water stays put throughout the whole bath though so that makes it really fun. I think that kids would love this!

However, there is one huge problem with this bath bomb. As pretty as the pink is, it became my arch nemesis. Why? because it STAINS! My skin and the bath were bright pink. Whilst I was still in the bath I quickly got my exfoliator and gloves and scrubbed away, which did the make the pink come off easily. But as for the bath, it was a real pain to clean up. I tried to scrub round the bath as I let the water out, but it just wasn't budging. So this meant that after my nice relaxing bath I had to get all the cleaning stuff out and give it a good once over. Not what I wanted to do with my sunday night. 

I'm not sure that if this was released again, that I would buy it. The bath itself was lovely, but I didn't appreciate having to re-do the cleaning on a sunday night.

Have you tired this Bath Bomb? What did you think of it?


  1. Oh no! I thought it was so perfect until I read the 'stain' statement! I was really considering it, damn. I might purchase it and then wrap the bath in clingfilm before I fill it with water!! :) x

    1. It is lovely and makes the bath smell amazing, but the staining was a real let down. x

  2. Hey there, I just found you from the #bbloggers blog hop this week!

    Your layout is gorgeous, I'm glad I came across your blog! I love how this looked when you took it out the bath, it's like an apple or something!

    Consider yourself to have a new follower ;) let me know if you stop by my blog too!

    1. Thank you so much lovely, it means a lot.

      Ill give yours a read now :)


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