Sunday, 2 March 2014

Beauty Things I'm Bad At

Since starting this blog my beauty skills have come on leaps and bounds, as I'm sure most other bloggers have. However, there are still plenty of things that I'm pretty terrible at. No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to get myself to do these things. Maybe sharing them with you all will help me get better at them. A girl can dream! So here are the beauty things I'm bad at.

1. Looking after my cuticles.
I'll keep up to them for a few weeks and then I just leave them. Then I wonder why my manicures never look nice. No mater how much my mum tells me off for not looking after them, I will never learn.

2. Self Tanning.
Those bloody streaks! Even if a formula promises to be streak free I can guarantee it will streak on me. No amount of body scrub and moisturiser will sort me out.

3. Maintaining my brows.
I have to admit, I have got better at this but I'm still not great. I love how my brows look after getting them shaped but I just cannot pluck them myself! They grow so quickly too that I need to be able to learn to do this.

4.Sticking to my cleansing routine.
I cleanse every single day, but I did get into the habit of double cleansing most days ans using a plethora of products. However, I keep forgetting that second cleanse and my skin doesn't look great for it.

5. Washing my makeup brushes.
I do this once a week too, but I should probably do it more. I never do a daily clean using a daily brush shampoo and with the ones that are available now. It would literally take me an extra two minutes.

6. Sleeping on damp hair.
I know, I know, Slap wrists! I just can't get out of this habit. I have such thick, long hair and it takes so long to dry it properly! Need. To. Stop.

7. Not wearing lipliner.
This is something that I always forget! I know it's not a major deal but I wish I could remember as when I do, my lipstick looks ten times better!

8. Drinking water.
This is something that I'm determined to get better at! I never really drink water never mind getting the recommended daily amount. When I do drink it I feel so much better so it is something that I need to make sure I do.

9. Pedicures.
I hate doing pedicures. I just find it such a chore, and a bit of a pain to be honest. I'm hoping that I can sort this out before summer comes around and the pretty shoes are a must.

10. Sharpening liners.
Again, I know that this isn't a major deal but it is something that I do a hell of a lot! I will literally wear an eyeliner down to nothing to the point where the creamiest of liners is dragging across my eye/lips. Not good! It also means that a lot of my liners go unloved because I can never be bothered to sharpen them.

So there are the beauty things I'm bad at. I'm hoping that by writing this post I will have some motivation to get my act into gear and change some of this! Maybe I will do a follow up post in a few months to see if I have improved. 
What are your worst beauty habits?


  1. Ha I could probably tick all those boxes too x

  2. I have the exact same habits as you!

    1. I'm trying to hard to get out of these habits! x

  3. Haha, mine are almost the exact same! Especially sleeping with damp hair! X
    Elise -

    1. Sleeping with damp hair is my worst habit! x


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