Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Wedding Series #2: Starting The Venue Hunting

I'm really enjoying writing up these wedding planning posts and always get really excited when it comes round to writing my next one. So for this post I thought that I would share my thoughts on finding a venue for the big day.

So far we haven't been to view any venues yet (as soon as we have, I plan to write a post about it) but we have been looking at them online. Let me tell you, it's bloody difficult! For one, we had a bit of a dilemma about knowing where in the country we wanted to have our wedding. As I'm originally from Leeds, Olly is originally from Kent and we live in Manchester. Eventually we settled on going back to Leeds to get married, so that I could go to our wedding from my parents home. Obviously being from that area, I had a rough idea of some places that I wanted to go visit. However, I did want to find a few more and get a bit more of an idea of different places, and possibly find a few alternative ideas.

Firs thing I did was use the trusty old friend that is Google. I searched for "Wedding Venues in Leeds" which to be honest didn't bring up as many results as I was expecting. There were a lot of websites that showed the top 10 venues or the most recommended but nothing really stood out to me. I had a couple of ideas so I decided that going direct to the venues website would be the best idea. This is where I felt like we were finally getting somewhere. The venues that we looked at all had wedding brochures showcasing their facilities and some of them can send them to you in the post. It was great to finally see some prices and some of the packages that were on offer from prospective venues, meaning we are starting to have a bit more of an idea of how things worked. We have realised, that it's always best to see it in person before making a judgement online, as it's just not worth being disappointed about the biggest day of your life.

So far it's still very much in the planning process but we do have slightly more of an idea of the type of venue we want, and how many people will need to be catered for. Hopefully, things are taking a step in the right direction! Do you have any venue hunting tips?

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