Saturday, 29 March 2014

VO5 Give Me Texture Spray

If like you me, you have extremely thick hair, then you will understand the struggle between having the patience to style it, and getting a style to look good. It is a constant struggle, and it's one that I reckon has cost me a fair amount of money over the years. I have purchased my fair share of styling products and tools, many of which have done nothing for me. With the trend for textured hair getting bigger and better, I wanted to try it but was sure that I wouldn't find anything that would work on my mane. Enter V05 Give Me Texture Spray. 

I've been a big fan of their heat defence spray for a while but this lasts me such a long time, I rarely visit their stand. Whilst perusing the aisles of boots, I noticed that it was two styling products for £5 from VO5 so I had a little look. I picked up my usual heat defence and was a little stuck as to what else to buy. As I was tempted by the offer, I eventually settled on the Give Me Texture Spray. I figured that if it didn't work for me then all was not lost and I could pass it onto my mum or a friend. Well this little beauty will be staying with me. 

After washing and blow drying my hair, I brush through and then spray this through the mid lengths and ends of my locks. A quick ruffle up with my fingers and I'm done. Beautiful undone bed hair that was ultra easy to use. My other favourite way to use this is after straightening my hair. Now this is something that I would rarely do before as it made my long hair look a little witch like, but now after a quick blast with this, it looks transformed. All my layers are visible but not obvious, and my hair has a considerable amount of volume. 
Another thing that I must add is that his doesn't make my hair feel gritty or crunchy, something which I was worried about. This brushes out as easily as it was sprayed in and doesn't make my hair look or feel dry.

You can purchase this from Boots for £3.79

If you are after a texture spray, then I would definitely recommend this. What are your favourite texture sprays?

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