Saturday, 3 August 2013

Gatineau Anti Wrinkle Radiance Mask

In 9 days time I'll be turning 21 and quite honestly, the thought of that petrifies me. It only feels like yesterday that I was in high school without a worry about getting old. I guess that most people will be thinking that worrying about ageing at my age is overly dramatic, but I honestly already have some fine lines under my eyes, something which all the women in my family suffer from. So I'm on the hunt for something that will help my skin look youthful for as long as possible. Well this is that product...

Gatineau Anti Wrinkle Cream is one of those products that I was so dubious about trying that I put it off for ages. One night whilst the boyfriend was at work, I thought I would have a pamper night and use this. The consistency of it is a strange one, as it's quite thick but quite thin at the same time. It does fell really luxurious though and as soon as I put this on my fingers, I knew that it would do some good to my face. As per the directions, I applied this around the contours of my face and around my eyes. I left it until it felt tacky (after about 10-15 minuttes or so) and then rinsed off with cold water. I instantly noticed my face looked tighter and brighter which was definitely something I was hoping for. However, I didn't notice an instant difference under my eyes, but the more I've used it, the more my fine lines have decreased.

I really have enjoyed this product and would definitely recommend it to those who want to slow the ageing process down. You can purchase this here :)

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