Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Jason Naturally Fresh Lip Balm SPF25

Going on Holiday is something that most of us look forward to. If you're anything like me, once a holiday is booked, it's all you can talk about, just ask my boyfriend! However, the run up to the holiday can be stressful due to getting all of your bits and bobs together, and it's important to make sure that you've got everything down to a T. 

One of the main things that I'm pretty sure not many people think of when they're going away is their lips. I
remember writing our "to buy" list with my boyfriend and when I mentioned SPF for my lips he looked at like I had gone mad. To me, SPF for lips is the second most important item in the suitcase after suncream. Without a lip protection, they burn. When I say burn, I don't mean your regular sun burn, I mean like blisters, cracks and peeling. Attractive. Unfortunately this has been passed down in my genes, thanks mum, and I always have to make sure that I have something to hand. 

Enter Jason Naturally Fresh Lip Balm. This little gem is just like a regular lip balm but with a little summin' extra. First of all, it's slightly waxy, which in any other lip product would be a big no no! However, in this instance it means the product performs better. The waxy texture makes it last an age on the lips and provides the perfect barrier between me and the sun. It is also waterproof which makes it a great little product to use if the pool and the beach is your usual environment on holiday. I used this in the recent heatwave that UK has had and my lips have been well protected, which is a welcome change. I know for a fact that this will be a staple in my beach bag in October when I'm  basking in the Mexican heat!

I would definitely recommend this to everyone, but especially those who, like me, find that their lips burn easily.
You can purchase this here :)

*PR Sample sent for consideration of review* 

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