Monday, 1 April 2013

My Trip to Prague

**Slightly picture heavy post**
You may have noticed that I have had no blog posts on here for well over a week now. Well that is because last monday, my boyfriends mum, Sarah and I,travelled to Prague for two days. I was going to schedule some posts to go up whilst I was there but time got the better of me and they were left unfinished. So, just to let you all know what I've been doing, here are some pictures from my visit...

The Old Town of Prague is so beautiful and is full of history and culture. The locals are so friendly and welcoming, so much so that you didn't feel like anything was too much effort for them. If you are going to go to Prague, I would recommend checking the weather forecast before you travel and so that you know that you have packed the right items. Before we travelled we checked the weather and it was around the zero degrees mark. When we arrived it was minus 6 and it never got above this the whole time we were there, with the coldest being minus 14. Luckily we had packed warm clothes and extra layers.

Unforutnately, I had started with a cold on the day that we went into the town of Prague so the photos of me are not at all attractive. It was also so cold out there that it was hard to stand for photos because you just wanted to keep moving to remain warm 

The views from Charles Bridge were just stunning. If you are thinking of going to Prague then I would definitely recommend this. The bridge does get quite busy with tourists and we were there at around 10am and it was starting to fill up. On the bridge there are lots of different architectural features, such as the famous "Love Locks" where a couple would write their names on a padlock and attach it the the iron on the bridge. They would then throw the key into the water and they will never be divorced. How true this is , I don't know, but I did think it was such a sweet and lovely tradition. There are also a lot of stalls and attractions on the bridge which sell unique souvenirs that are bargain prices.

No trip would be complete without a few a lot of cocktails. The rooftop terrace that we went to had the biggest variety of cocktails I have ever seen. They were also bargain prices with each cocktail being no more than £3 and that was right in the city centre.

The shopping in the town is amazing! Everything is so cheap and of really good quality. There are a lot of souvenir shops but all of them offer something unique. The market that was in the Square in the centre was beautiful. It reminded me of the German Markets that we get in most major cities around Christmas time. The smells that were coming from the hot food stalls and the mulled wine stalls were amazing and really made it feel festive, even in march. 

I did buy a few things whilst out there so keep your eyes peeled for a haul post very soon.

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  1. Prague on my list of destinations to visit and that cocktail looked yummy xx

    1. I'm so pleased I've been now, it's another place to tick off my list :) x

  2. i love holiday photo posts, i plan on doing more this year. Prague looks like a lovely place to visit! x

    1. I love them too, but it always makes me want to go on holiday x

  3. Really fancy going to Prague, was skeptical about the stag party culture there but this looks lovely
    Kirsty x


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