Saturday, 23 March 2013

What's in my travel makeup bag?

Tomorrow I'm heading down south as I'm flying to Prague on monday, for two days, with my Boyfriends mum. I'll be honest, I'm a nightmare when it comes to packing. I hate doing it and I never know what to take with me. This time around has been my biggest challenge because I've never packed for the cold weather before. One thing that I am fine with packing, is my makeup. 

Here is what I'll be taking with me on this trip. Oh, also I should point out that although I'll only be n Prague for two days, I am staying in Kent for two extra days, so I have had to take that into account when parking.

My makeup bag is from H&M. It is quite large but is just the right size for some of the bigger products out there. It also means that I have the space just incase when I do buy more makeup whilst I'm away.

In my makeup bag, I do have quite alot, but  have prepared for all occasions. 
For my base I have the Sleek corrector and concealer palette. This is perfect for my under eye circles and blemishes. I do have issues with creasing under my eyes but this stays put all day and all night.
The foundation I'm taking with me is the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in shade 52. I love this because it's lightweight and the colour correctors in it help to even out my skin tone. It's also really light weight so it wont make my skin dry in the cold weather.
The powder I'm taking it the Maybelline Ft me Foundation in 125. I could probably get away with using a darker shade of this but I just love how this sets my makeup and I also find that it gives a nice brightening effect to my face.
Finally, for blusher I have picked the Sleek Blush by 3 in Sugar. Simply because the shades are perfect for warming up my face.
For the eyes I have the infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion and Naked 2 palette. I'm a neutrals girl at heart and these give me everything I need for a simple look during the day or a smokey look for the night time.
For liner I'm taking Rimmel scandaleyes liner in Nude and Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid liner in Black Glamour. Both of these just finish of any look and essentials for my makeup bag.
Mascara choice has to be Benefit's They're Real mascara. This is the ultimate in mascara and makes even the shortest of lashes look amazing!
I like to wear falsies on an evening, so the choice for my trip are the Katy Perry "Oh Honey" lashes, for Eylure. These are just simple and fluttery lashes that look lovely with a smokey eye.
For the lips, I've chosen to pack my Rimmel Apocolips in Celestial for a simple pink lip that isn't too over powering. I also chose MAC's Creme Cup for my daytime lipstick as I simply the love the shade for everyday wear. 
For my brows, I normally use Look Beauty Brow Perfect, but for travel purposes I'm using MUA shade 19 matte.
I have also packed a lip balm. I wouldnt normally bother packing one but because the weather is so cold out there I know my lips will suffer, so the chosen lip balm is Balmi.
Finally, I normally use Bioderma as my makeup remover but I can;t take this away with me so I am taking the Nivea Daily Cleansing wipes.

Phew! That was more than I thought. I didn't photograph my primer because I need to decant that into a small pot so I don't have to take the whole pot away with me. 
I know I'll just end up buying more whilst I'm out there! I have a problem! 


  1. Love your case and great products in there too... They're Real I adore xx

    1. Thankyou, I really love the mascara :) x

  2. You've got some nice products in your travel bag.. xx

  3. I love what you take and I wish I could pack as little as that but I like to have lots of options ;) xx


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