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It's not easy being Plus Size

Okay, so today's post is going to be different. I'll warn you that it is a little bit of a rant and it's rather lengthy, but it is something that I know affects a fair amount of people, me included. 

I have always, always been on the larger side. Genetics and a love of food haven't helped me in that department. But just because I'm bigger, doesn't mean that I don't like to look fashionable. Shopping is actually one of the worst activities when your plus size, or I think so anyway. There are hardly any shops that stock on trend, plus size clothing. If you're like me, then you will know how complicated it is to find on trend clothes. Sure, there will be always be people thinking "Why not do something about it and go on a diet?". Well, I've been there and done that, and I have honestly never found a diet that works for me.

This is my rant. Who in the world decided that clothing that is on trend is completely off limits to those over a size 16/18? I'd like to know who it was, because it certainly feels like this is the law of clothing. I've always refused to dress "frumpy". I hate wearing oversized items, but there really isn't much of a choice sometimes. Honestly, sometimes it goes like this: "Oh, you're a size 18+, here is some ugly, oversized, one shoulder, sequinned, leopard print, tunic and a pair of black leggings", I don't want to wear stuff like this. It's very rare to find a store that does carry larger sizes, never mind any trendy. 

Us Plus Size lovelies shouldn't be punished for wanting to wear nice things. Nor should we be made to feel like we can't go into a store and try something on, just because I'm quite obviously over a size 16. From personal experience, some shop assistants are the worst for being judgemental. Now I don't want to tarnish everyone with the same brush because I know that there are some lovely, helpful shop assistants out there. But, I have been in a shop, ahem Topshop, before with a friend (who is a a lot slimmer than myself) and I was trying on a dress. My friend tried on something and when we were exiting the changing rooms, the shop assistant said to my friend "Oh that's lovely, it will really suit you", then turned to me and said "Did that dress really fit you?". To save myself the embarrassment, I just replied "Yes", even though it didn't, and I walked back to the rack and hung it back up. This isn't the only time that something like this has happened, but my point is that it should never have happened in the first place. Then you get some high street stores like Primark and Dorothy Perkins who stock up to a size 20. Well, Primarks size 20 is more like a realistic size 14, and good look finding anything other than basic vests and camis in a size 20 in DP's.

Recently, more and more shops have become a mecca for plus size clothing, which is great, and they offer just the same as what they would to those who are slimmer. I love being able to walk into New Look and going to the Inspire section and seeing all of the lovely things that they have to offer. I like that I can wear the same things as my friends and not feeling like the "fat one". The high street has finally evolved! But please, sort out your dressing room mirrors, they do not make people feel good about themselves! 

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It's still a struggle finding plus size clothes, but more and more stores are starting to carry larger sizes. Here are a list of some links of my favourite places for a bit of plus size shopping:

I'm sorry that this has been a rather long and ranty blog post, but I am miffed off with the High Street, and cannot wait for more places to carry larger sizes.

If you're a plus size beauty, I would love to know how you feel about larger sizes on the high street, and where your favourite places to shop are :)


  1. I agree Hun, it's how you wear an outfit not the size that should matter xx

    1. It should always be about the outfit :)

  2. Size definitely shouldnt restrict the way people choose to dress, I know they aren't high street but I think Asos are doing a great job of catering for different body sizes :)
    Poppy | far away

    1. I really rate Asos for catering for all shapes and sizes, they make clothes shopping easier x

  3. I agree with you, High St is an absolute nightmare! I'm a big fan of New Look Inspire too, but the High St availability is quite limited and different stores have different stock (I'm not entirely sure if this is a good or bad thing to be honest).

    I think Primark is really hit and miss to be honest - I'm a 22/24 and I will find things in there in a 20 that will fit me, but I guess I know what I'm looking for - generally tshirts will fit and elasticated/stretchy skirts. I also wear a lot of tshirts so what's 'good' for me may not be of benefit to others with different fashion styles/interests.

    I really cannot wait to visit a Simply Be store when I'm up in Manchester in September for Plus North! Wish they'd expand to London/down south.

    1. I'm so glad that someone else thinks New Looks stock is varied from store to store. I feel like I have to love them because they really are one of the only options, although as it happens I think they have upped their game and have started to offer nicer and more on trend clothes.
      I find primark the same really, tshirts, and stretchy items are fine but everything else is just wrongly sized.
      I actually live in Manchester and spend a lot of time browsing SimplyBe and I love it. It's great knowing that I can pick up anything in there and it will fit. I'm sure they will expand eventually :)


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