Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sephora Colour Pop -up Makeup Store.

You may remember a few days ago that I posted about my heavenly trip to Sephora in France, you can also read that here. Well, whilst I was there, I picked up the most wonderful thing to ever grace my makeup collection. Warning! Overload of pretty about to come your way!..

I purchased the Sephora Colour Pop-up Store. To be really honest I picked this up on a bit of a whim, but once I got it home, I was head over heels in love with it. Normally with anything like this, the products themselves tend to be a little less than satisfactory, but this one definitely changes my opinion on these palettes.

Encased in a black plastic box, the palettes itself looks very smart and classy with only the Sephora name printed on the front. The monochrome design doesn't look cheap or tacky, infact it looks quite the opposite. I love storing this on top of my makeup drawers as it looks perfect just placed on top. 

Once opened, only a small selection of the products inside are on view. Once the middle area of the palette is lifted, a sizeable mirror an more eyeshadows are revealed, along with some small tools to help with the application. On each side of the palette, there are small drawer like sections, which can be pulled out to reveal even more shades which just makes me smile beyond belief.

This shows the palette all folded out and with everything on show. The palette includes:
3 Highlighters
6 Eye top coats
12 Gel Liners
42 Bright Shadows
22 Neutral Shadows
6 Lip top coats
48 Lipsticks
6 Eye, lip and cheek creams
3 Blushes

My favourite thing in this palette has to be the eye top coats. They're just so unusual as they look like an eyeshadow but are powders that can be layered over another eyeshadow to add depth, dimension and shimmer. They essentially transform the effect of the normal eyeshadow that is applied, giving a more 3D finish to your look. The shadows come in a range of finishes, these being, matte, frost, pearl shimmer and glitter. All extremely pigmented and long lasting, they're extremely good products.

Tthe lip products are amazing quality, I cannot praise them enough! Usually with palettes such as these, the lip products can be really poor quality, but these perform just as well as some of my high end lipsticks and glosses which is a bonus! The lip top coats work in the same way that the eye top coats do as they add extra sparkle, and definition to the colour that you would apply.

Overall, I love this product so much and it really does hold pride of place on top of my makeup collection. I've used this quite alot since purchase and cannot wait to create some adventurous looks with the bright colours. 
You can purchase this from the Sephora France website here, as they will ship to the UK. You can also find this on eBay and Amazon. The prices are all varied on all of these sites so it's best to shop around before you buy to make sure you get the best deal. :)
Have you got this palette, or something similar? I'd love to know what you think of products like this :) 


  1. oooooh! palette-gasm. This is amazing! Would love to see some bright FOTD's with this :) amazing buy x

    1. I'm definitely going to be doing some fotd's with this xx

  2. OMG... AMAZING! I loved the base collection of nudes they look stunning! I go to Paris a week on Sat so will definitely be checking out!

    Your newest follower xx

    Please check out my blog; www.sweetiesal.com

    1. I would definitely see if you can get your hands on it! Have fun in Paris, I'm so jealous! Xx


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