Sunday, 6 January 2013

Kiko Makeup: Lips

Kiko Makeup is a Beautiful, small makeup shop in Westfield Shopping City, Stratford. It's great for anyone, wanting bright colours, makeup for a special event or just an update of their collection. I have quite a few products from their but today I'm just going to be showing you some of their lip products.

The lip liners are perfect for those who are first time users, at £1.90 a piece, they're a real bargain. Unfortunately, they do not have imaginative names just numbers, but this is not a huge problem it's just harder to remember them.
The formula of them is soft and creamy, whilst been extremely pigmented. I do quite like filling in my whole lip with these, but used just as a liner they prevent bleeding of lip colour.

The lipsticks are lovely, but there is no variation on finishes. They're all sort of glaze finishes but with more pigmentation. There is a huge selection of colours so you'll always find something you like. However, there is a range of prices for different lipsticks, so this makes it a little confusing.

I would definitely recommend Kiko for cosmetics as they really a great brand. You can find them in Westfield Shopping City or on there website here.

*apologies there is no swatches on the lips. I couldn't get a good picture as the lighting was quite dark. I will add some as soon as I get some goo lighting*


  1. I adore lip liners. I love making my lips stand out and lip make up is definitely my favourite. I really don't have enough for my collection and the first liner (the purple-y one) looks gorgeous! I'll get onto that website right away! :)
    Mia x

    1. The purple is my favourite, it's so unusual xx

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  3. Ooo these look good and such a bargain price. Some lovely colour you got there as well :D


    1. The price is amazing! Such good bargains x


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