Monday, 7 January 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

I'm pretty sure that I'm the millionth person to blog about these but how could I leave out these wonderful little beauties?! I've wanted some of these for a while but everytime I went to buy them, the stand was either empty, or someone had opened them. I finally managed to get my hands on two shades, heres what I thought about them...

I really like the design of these, a crayon like balm stain encased in a sturdy plastic tube. These bear a striking resemblance to the Clinique Chubby Sticks, but without the hefty price tag. The silver on them makes them look much more expensive than their drugstore/high street price tag. 

The formula is just to die for. Their soft and moisturising, exactly like a balm, but with all the pigmentation of a lipstick. You can build up to be as intense or subtle as you like, so they're great for those who want to add a pop of colour into their makeup looks. I find that these typically wear for around 2/3 hours before the need to top up arises, but in my opinion this is very good for a balm. Once these have faded, they do leave a lovely natural flush of colour on the lips that makes a lovely effortless lip.

Overall, I really like these products and will definitely be adding more to my collection.
These retail at £7.99 each but are currently on offer for £5 each in Boots.

*apologies that there is no swatches on my lips, the lighting was terrible and didn't do these justice. I will update once I have good light*


  1. I adore these and my review went up today as well :) Shamefully my collection is a bit bigger at 5 but I prefer these to lipsticks completely!
    Great review :) | Shona x

    1. I'm definitely buying some more so will definitely join you at 5 haha x

  2. I've really been wanting to try these out! :)

  3. Oh these sound great! I am really pleased because I have wanted to try them for ages. At least my money will be going on something fabulous. :) x


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