Friday, 11 January 2013

My MAC Lipstick Collection

My love for lipsticks is huge. I'm like a magpie as I'm just drawn to them. My biggest love though is for MAC Lipsticks. These beauties just keep finding their way into my makeup collection, and there's no denying that they are a big hit in the world of beauty bloggers. Here is my collection, in no way am I trying to show off how many I have, I'm hoping that this will help those who are looking for a new shade or to start their collection, add items to their list :) 

1: Creme Cup: A blue toned pale pink thats perfect for everyday wear. This was the first mac lipstick I purchased and I haven't regretted it. Creamsheen finish.
2:Cut a Caper (Limited Edition): I really wanted something from the Heavenly Creatures collection and I knew that this would be it. A soft coral colour that is lovely in the summer months to add a pop of colour to my look. Lustre finish.
3:Fanfare: A pink beige shade that is again perfect for everyday use. This is perfect for every skin tone so is a great all rounder. Creamsheen finish.
4:Haute Altitude (Limited Edition):  I purchased this last week from the Apres Chic collection. This was the 
only shade that stood out to me as I'm having full on love affair with nude shades at the minute. Amplified Creme Finish.
5: Impassioned: I don't have many pinks in my collection so I added this one. A bright fuchsia that isn't too over the top. Amplified Finish.
6: Lady Danger: Who doesn't love a classic red lip. I was stuck between this and Ruby Woo but eventually went for this one. Perfect for all skin tones. I've been wearing this pretty much everyday for the festive season. Matte finish.
7:Morange: Orange lipstick isn't something I saw myself wearing until I picked up this beauty. A true orange thats almost neon, this is definitely my summer must have. Amplified finish.
8: Rebel: This is my current favourite, a deep berry tone that looks lovely on all skin tones. This is definitely one of my MAC must haves! Satin finish.
9:Up The Amp: This is probably my least worn MAC lipstick but I do still love it. A blue toned purple that looks great on a night out for a pop of colour. Amplified finish.

I hope that you all enjoyed having a peek into my MAC lipstick collection. I have no doubt that I'll be adding more and more. 
Whats your favourite MAC Lipstick? Do you have any recommendations?


  1. Thank you for showing these on your lips and not lines on your hands! Hate when bloggers do that it's so pointless and tells us nothing. These colours are beautiful and so well suited to your skin. Wish I could wear bright bold lipstick! x

    1. Ahh thanks lovely, I've had some terrible lighting issues so I need to update a few posts with swatches on my lip. X

  2. Lovely collection! My fave mac lippies are creme d'nude, hue and diva, lady danger looks fab! xo

    1. Creme d'nude is definitely next on my list! x

  3. Beautiful Collection. Up the Amp & Rebel are faves of mine:)


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