Thursday, 24 January 2013

Look Beauty Double Hit Lip in Pink Punch

I've done it again, I've bought another lip product that I really didn't need. I just couldn't resist this one. I bought this in my Look Beauty Haul earlier on in the week and have been reaching for it most days since. 

The Double Hit Lip is a duo ended product that provides both a matte lipstick and a coordinating gloss, which allows you to change your look throughout the day. 
 Here's what Look Beauty say: 

Universally flattering and as tan enhancing as a white dress, these colour pop shades look amazing, whether gloriously glossy or not! All the trends covered - matte, glossy or combine the two.

Tip: Wear either the lipstick matte, or the gloss solo, but for an ultimate colour hit, layer gloss over lippy for strong vinyl colour block lips.
Pink Punk is a ridiculously bright neon blue-pink that really is a stand out colour in my lip collection. The lipstick itself is matte in formula, but unlike most other matte lipsticks this isn't drying on the lips. I didn't find that it clung to dry patches on my lips or made them look drier than they were. The gloss is amazing. I'm not a massive fan of gloss but this one I love. It's super glossy, super pigmented and super long lasting. Super. The blue undertones in this shade make my teeth look shades whiter, which is always a bonus. 

The gloss alone:

The lipstick alone:

The lipstick and gloss together:
The packing is simple yet effective. The clear bottom of the lipgloss allows me to see it clearly in my collection, whilst the fact that its double ended means that I don't have to take two different items out with me. For a very purse friendly £8.00 these are worth every single penny.

Available from selected Superdrug stores and Look Beauty website.

I really love this! I'll definitely be adding more to collection. 
Do you have this product? What's your favourite shade?


  1. that lippy is so pretty and deffo gives that candy yum yum punch of pink!

    i might need this.. :/
    BreezeyBee Blog

    1. Haha, I need all the other shades too! x

  2. These look gorgeous! I love how pigmented they both are. xo

    1. They really are! I hope the rest of the shades are as pigmented x

  3. That's pretty! ♥
    Nice blog you have here dear!
    Check out mine sometime if you'd like ♥

  4. Replies
    1. It's so neon, it's almost unreal x

  5. this is such an amazing colour!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  6. I've never seen this product before, but it's such a beautiful colour!x


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