Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Top 5: Autumn Lipsticks

Autumn is definitely my favourite season. I just love everything about it, the colours, the clothes, and everything else to go along with it. If there was ever a season to wear lipstick, it's now!

I'm a massive lover of lipstick but I love being a little bit more dramatic in the autumn season so that my look is a little updated from the one I was sporting all summer. I like to wear darker lips, and classic colours throughout autumn. No summer pinks here ladies!!

So here are my top five lipsticks for autumn...

This is my favourite nude to wear in the colder months. I like it because its not the sort of nude that  makes your lips disappear, but it adds a tiny, tiny bit of colour, and a glossy finish. Perfect, for those mornings when your turning blue waiting for the bus.

MAC Fanfare is one of those colours that looks good whenever you wear it. Its one of my autumn colours because its a beautiful dusky rose colour, with the smallest bit of shimmer. Wearing this makes me feel like I've made an effort with my makeup, even it was have an extra 10 minutes in bed and rush my makeup job.

Raspberry coloured lips are my favourite thing to sport in Autumn. They look so effortless. I love this lipstick from MUA no only for the bargain price of £3 but because even if I'm just wearing mascara, with this my makeup looks clean and simple but with a nice pop of colour.

For those days where im going to dare to wear the darker lip, my favourite is MUA Lip Boom in LKM (Let Me Know) In the tube, it looks almost black which is a little daunting, but on the lips, this turns into a deep plum colour that really is quite beautiful. For some this might be a little but too much but it looks lovely just patted onto the lips and blended softly, to create a lip stain like colour.

No autumn lip collection would be complete without a red. This red is a really pretty postbox red, something that I have been looking to find for a long time. This is a really smooth lipstick to wear and isnt drying at all. I wear this for those days where im doing something different and not just going to lectures at uni.

I love all of these lipsticks equally and would say that autumn is the perfect time to try out those new looks that you've been wanting to try out all summer. 


  1. Such lovely colour lipsticks!
    The LOOK Beauty Cherry Bomb is gorgeous!

    Jess x x

  2. the MUA lip boom in its a situation is beautiful! :)

  3. Thanks for sending your link on bbloggers chat! I like your blog, just started following. Hope you visit mine too. I love the red one the most!

  4. Hiya,

    I love the MUA Raspberry coloured lipstick, it made your lips pop.

    I will be popping in to Superdrug on my way home.



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