Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lush Dragons Egg Bath Bomb

I'm pretty sure that every Lush Lover out there is familiar with Dragons Egg bath bomb, but on my recent Lush Haul I couldn't resist this pretty little beauty on the shelf.

However, I was pretty mad with myself after a horrible day I just couldn't wait to get in a nice hot bath that evening with the Dragons Egg. I picked up the small paper bag that it was in and dropped the whole thing!! Thankfully I dropped the bag so the bath bomb was still inside and I didn't have to scramble around on the tiles for bits of the product. This didn't mean that my heart didn't do a little cry when i looked in the bag and found all those bits and not a full bath bomb.

Reluctantly, I still poured (rather than the normal drop and watch method), so you can probably imagine that I didnt get the nice colour changing of the layers that normally happens and it all just merged together. Still very pretty, but aesthetically disappointing which is my fault and not Lush's. 

Dragons egg creates oozes and oozes of creamy foam which includes really fun coloured confetti that are sort of jelly like once they have hit the water. Beyond this layer, is a vibrant orange layer which fizzes away and creates tiny little bubbles which swirl through the cream foam, creating a marble effect on the surface of the water.
The real magic comes after this, when the orange layer has broken down. The "egg" is released into the water which has a very fun fizzing noise as it comes into contact with the water. The egg is a small golden nugget which glitters and sparkles in your bath, creating a molten effect in the water. For those of you who don't like to look like a disco ball, fear not, the shimmer doesn't stick to your skin, it just gives a subtle glow.

I will definitely repurchase this but I'll make sure not to drop it this time!

Do you love Dragons Egg? What's your favourite Lush Bath Bomb?


  1. This is so strange, it actually does look like egg haha!
    Definitely want to give this a try :)

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  2. I love Dragon's Egg it has such a lovely scent, great post xx


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