Sunday, 16 September 2012

Lush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

The most colourful bath time you will ever have! 

The Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic is filled with the scents of apple, cinnamon and toffee which makes your bathroom smell like a sweet shop. 

When dropped into the bath, the water starts fizzing into a pale yellow colour that does look a little unsightly but is nothing too weird. After the yellow layer has faded away, the inner bright blue is revealed, which starts to swirl around the bath and creating an ocean blue/green colour.

Embedded in this bath ballistic is a sort of crackling candy, you know like the one you had as a kid that would crackle in your mouth? Well as soon as this candy hist the water it starts to dissolve and creates a Snap, Crackle and Pop! effect which is so much fun.

The feeling of the water is different too. I know that sounds strange, how can water feel different?, but it feels softer and more luxurious, a feeling that also transfers itself onto the skin, as well as the scent which will be on your skin for hours after the bath.

This is definitely the bath ballistic for you if you like your bath a little out of the ordinary!

Have you tried this? What's your favourite Lush product?

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