Sunday, 2 February 2014

Victoria's Secret Moonlight Dream Body Lotion

Last year, I fell in love with Victoria's Secret. After visiting their store in Westfield in Stratford, I knew it was going to be dangerous on my purse. I just love the body products and their body sprays are a guilty little pleasure of mine, so this week when I was in the Trafford Centre and I saw the 75% off sign, I did rejoice a little. A couple of products and bags later, I was leaving with my new items and a big smile on my face. One of those items, was the Moonlight Dream Body Moisturiser. 

First things first the fragrance. It is absolutely stunning. I had high expectations after using the body mists and being blown away by their quality, but this did not disappoint. It has a soft floral fragrance from the inclusion of the aquatic orchid, but with a sweeter edge from the honeysuckle. Growing up my mum and dad used to have a really large honeysuckle in the garden and this just throws me right back to being a child. It's not as strong as the body mists which I would say is a good thing as heavily fragranced lotions are a no no for me, but this is just the right amount. 

The lotion itself is a soft silky texture that provides a lovely soft surface to the skin. It's not a thick as other ones that I've tried, but it does a wonderful job of keeping the skin nice and soft. It also has a very slight shimmer to it which is more illuminating on the skin rather than glittery/shimmery, which really does look lovely. I tend to apply this in the morning and use a thicker one a night, but so far it definitely is love and I'm pretty sure I will be buying more to go with the two that I have already purchased.

What is your favourite body product?

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  1. I absolutely love the Victoria's Secret body sprays, but I've actually never tried a lotion. This has tempted me to buy one :) x

    1. The body sprays are amazing! I can't stop buying them! x

  2. Ah there is no VS store close to me like at all! Not even within driving distance which makes me sad because all of their products sound amazing

    1. I used to have to go to Westfields when I visited family to get anything from VS. My closest one now is 5 minutes away which is pretty dangerous for my bank balance! x


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