Sunday, 3 May 2015

April Favourites

I don't know about anyone else but I seemed to have loads of products to try in April. I've had plenty of products that could have made it in to my favourites this month but instead I decided to show you what I was using the most and loving at the same time.

This has been my saviour this month. I've been using this as both a cleanser and as a face mask and let me tell you it works wonderfully. It's soft and creamy texture makes it gentle yet effective on the skin, but it still removes even the toughest remains of the day. It even melts away my waterproof mascara with ease. I can definitely tell this is going to be a repurchase!

This oldie but a goodie is something that I keep returning to. I noticed that every foundation I tired even with a primer underneath, would go patchy and look like it was starting to flake of my face which wasn't a very attractive look. A quick layer of this underneath and I have a lovely smooth base which makes my foundation look a million times better.

My go to hair style has currently being a case of #bighairdontcare and I've been embracing my ultra thick locks. So that it doesn't just hang by my face I've been giving it a quick spritz of this through the mid lengths which has given me a stylish bed head look. Oh and it works wonders after styling with a curling wand for that undone look.

I'd been after a really neutral blusher for a while and came across Zen whilst I was at work. To be honest I hadn't really put much thought into if it would work for my skin tone, but oh my. This is the most perfect subtle contour shade and it perfect for warming up the face. I thoroughly recommend having a nosey if you're by a Nars counter.

This is the only palette I have been reaching for in the past month. It is perfect for a natural day time look or a deep smokey eye. All bases are covered with this little beauty, and I've especially been loving the olive and navy shades for a twist on a classic smokey eye.

I think that there have been a nice mix of favourites this month, but there could have been so many more products! What have been your favourites this month? 

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