Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Sunday Share #1

For the past few months now I have been thinking about starting a Sunday post, and here it finally is. I have seen quite a few bloggers who do this, and I think that it is a lovely way to reflect on your week and appreciate all the little things that have made us all happy...

Happy Thoughts...
1: Weddings If you have been reading my little blog for a while now you will know that my fiancé Olly and I are in the middle of planning our wedding. This week things seem to have taken a giant leap in the right direction with appointments with supplier confirmed, and all the little details coming together nicely.
2: Active Lifestyle Getting fit is something that I have been wanting to do for such a long time now, but nerves and lack of willpower got in my way. Well now I have decided that enough is enough and with no more excuses I have finally got back in the gym and got a diet and exercise plan in place.
3: Sunshine and Friends The sunny weather that we have been having has been just lovely. I have spent a couple of evenings this week having a good catch up with friends with a glass of wine, enjoying the beautiful weather.

This Weeks Loves...
I've been trying to make an effort to read more, which is something that I fell out of love with after entering the world of full time work. This week I've been reading The Cuckoo's Calling which I have been loving so far, its quite gripping which is something I love in a book. I've heard that this is been made into a TV show but I'm not 100% sure that this is true. If it is true then I really hope that they do the book justice.
I've also been obsessed with reading travel blogs and tourist information sites. Olly and I have booked a little break away to Madrid at the end of next month, and as neither of us have been before we have both been doing tons of research. We think that we have found out about all of things that we wan to do but if you have any other recommendations then we would love to hear them. I am absolutely obsessed with Spain and their culture, so this trip is something that I am extremely excited about.

I have really enjoyed writing this very first Sunday Share, and look forward to writing some more :)

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