Sunday, 20 April 2014

ELF Tone Correcting Powder in Cool

A while ago, I placed quite a large ELF order and whilst I didn't need anything in particular, curiosity got the better of me with quite a few items and this was certainly one of them. I didn't need a new ace powder by any means, but when do I ever need half the makeup items I buy?

The Tone Correcting Powder is designed to give a healthy, balanced and radiant complexion as a result of the different tones within the powder. ELF claim that the powder evens out skin tone, at the same time as giving a matte and brightened complexion. If you wanted to, you could use the colours individually to counteract different needs on the skin, for example green on and redness and yellow on dark circles. However, I find it is best to use them all together and swirl my brush around the pan. I have noticed that it does brighten my skin and reduces the appearance of my pores. My favourite thing though is that this is amazing at setting my under eye concealer! It is worth it just for that!

Having oily skin, a powder is a must for me and finding one that can keep the oil at bay is a never ending quest. I have found that whilst this does reduce the excess oil, I do need to ensure that this is in my handbag as I will need a top up after around 4-5 hours. I apply this in circular motions all over my face with my trusty Real Techniques Powder Brush, paying a little more attention to my T-Zone. When swatched, this powder can look a little grey and ashen, so I was worried that this would translate onto my face, but it actually blends out to be invisible and is less detectable than some so call 'translucent' powders.

Overall, I have enjoyed using this powder and would be tempted to buy the Warm and Shimmer versions to see how they compare. For £3.95, you really can't go wrong? You can purchase this from the ELF Website - link
Have you tried this powder? 


  1. I purchased this ages ago, and hardly used it, going to have to find it again!


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