Sunday, 28 July 2013

Trevor Sorbie Self-Grip Hair Rollers

I love styling my hair, I'm just lazy when it comes to actually deciding what to do with it. When I used to work in the hairdressers back home, I would make a concious effort everyday to make my hair look its best, because lets face it, no-one wants to go to a hairdresser with terrible hair, right? After moving away from my hometown, I didn't know any decent hairdressers around me that were not going to charge me an arm and a leg, and my hair was starting to get a bit too much. Last month I ventured back home to Leeds to visit my family and thought it would also be a perfect opportunity to get my haircut at my old workplace.

A whole 4 inches off later and I decided I would start making more of an effort. I have my regular hair
straighteners but I wanted something a bit different. Whilst browsing the aisles of boots, I came across the Trevor Sorbie Self-Grip Hair Rollers, something which I have looked at many times. This time was different though as they were on offer, and they some how ended up in my basket, Oops!
Trevor Sorbie Self-Grip Hair Rollers

Each box contains 30 Velcro Rollers, all of varying sizes. Some of the are huge, but they are a godsend on my thick, heavy hair as tiny rollers are no good on my hair so obviously I favour the larger. I have used velcro rollers before but these are on a whole different level! You can tell that the quality of these is fantastic and will last a hell of a long time. So onto how they work...

I washed my hair as normal and towel dried it as it would when doing any style. I left my hair to dry naturally until it was about 80% dry. Then I used my Tangle Teezer Aqua and brushed through making sure there were no knots. Then taking the largest rollers on the crown of my head and using the smaller sized ones near the nape of my neck (I should probably also point out that you can also use these on dry hair but I find it easier to use them on damp hair). I repeated this all over my head. Although these are velcro and grip on their own, due to my thick hair, I pin them into place with some bobby pins, but if you have thin- medium hair then you probably won't need to do this. I left these in nearly all day before my night out, and they didn't other me once, they're really comfortable. Before I was ready to take them out I gave them a quick blast with my hair dryer and a slight spritz of hairspray. Once I removed them. I had lovely voluminous waves, I had to run my fingers through just to elimate any obvious sections. TaDah! My new hair style lasted all night and even looked lovely the next day! 
Trevor Sorbie Self-Grip Hair Rollers
Sorry for the shocking lighting in my pictures, the weather is just playing havoc with where I can take decent pictures :(

I would definitely recommend these to everyone as I think they're such a good little piece of kit and you don't need to be a hair professional by any means. 
Sorry that this has been a very long post, I just realised that I rambled on a lot! You can purchase these here, from Boots.

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