Monday, 27 May 2013

Palmers Natural Bronze Lotion

Now that we are well into the year, I like to start applying tanning products so that I can look like I've been blessed by the sun gods and achieved a nice natural colour. Also, I'm not going on holiday until October this year so I don't want to spend the entire summer (if we ever get any sun that lasts longer than two days) being really ghostly. 

The most recent addition to my collection of tanning products is the Palmers Natural Bronze Lotion. I normally use mousse products and go for a medium shade when picking my chosen sun in a bottle, however this is completely different as it is a cream and only comes in one available shade. So, it's safe to say that I was a little sceptical about trying this, but at the same time I was looking forward to being bronzed.

Palmer's describe this as a gradual tanning moisturiser that builds and maintains a natural looking tan. Is it Gradual? No. As usual I exfoliated in the shower then applied my regular body moisturiser on those pesky areas (ankles, elbows, wrists) and let that sink in. Then I applied this all over as I would a normal moisturiser and kindly asked my boyfriend to do my back. All was fine. Unlike mousse tanners, there was no tell tale sign that tan had been applied to it was hard to tell if there was any streaks or patches. Waking up the next morning, wow was I tanned. I wasn't expecting quite as strong a colour from a gradual tanner. The shade was as though I had applied my regular St. Moriz Tanner in Medium at least 4 times.

Overall, I do like this tanner but I don't love it. It was quick and easy to apply, and streak free which is also a bonus. I'm pretty sure there are better gradual tanners out there but for the bargain price of this you can't go wrong. I would suggest applying this with a tanning mitt though as it does leave a nice layer of patchy tan on your hands even after washing them but the signature cocoa butter smell makes this delicious.

Available from both Boots and Superdrug for £5.49 (prices vary online eBay and Amazon)

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