Thursday, 9 May 2013

Other Places to find RL

I wrote this post when everyone first got their knickers in a twist about GFC leaving us forever, but forgot to post it and found it amongst a few draft posts that are waiting patiently to be posted. 

I'm sure you're all aware that GFC is sadly going to be stopped very soon and those that use Google as their main way of reading blogs, have been left trying to find other platforms to read their favourites on. Well here are the other places you can find me...

So those are the links that you are most likely to find me on. I'm kind of really sad that GFC is soon to be gone. but it has made me get my act into gear and use other platforms properly. I love all of my followers and really appreciate you taking the time to follow my little blog, hopefully I'll see you on other platforms. 

Thankyou all, and please leave your links for other platforms below so I can make sure to follow them :)

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