Monday, 20 May 2013

Graduation Day Wishlist

So once again things have been a little bit quiet on the blog front for me this month. After finishing my exams, I have been using the time to catch up on things that I had missed out on. I've been catching up with family and friends and spending some well earned time with my boyfriend, as well as applying for jobs and graduate schemes. 

Today I thought I would show you what I'm hoping to wear for my Graduation ceremony in July. I have a few choices so would love your help deciding. Here's my wishlist...

1: Black and Cream Dress link £40
2: Black Collared Dress link £40.45
3: Colour Block Shoes link £24.99
4:Patent Heels link £45
5: White Chain Clutch Bag link £20
6: Graduation Charm link £35.00
7: Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb link £49.00
8: Graduation Bear link £28.50

I am a little unsure about which dress but I definitely know that it is going to be between these two. This is the same for the shoes but i do think that I will end up choosing the black and white ones as they are just a little bit more interesting than plain black ones. I chose this bag as I will be able to use it again  and it will add a bit of interest to my outfit. As my outfit should be quite formal, I though that this bag would be perfect to break up the outfit a little bit.
The last three items are not essential to the day but would be nice little touches. One item I would love is the Graduation hat charm. I have a Pandora bracelet which I got for my 18th birthday. Since I got this I have added charms to it that mean something. I have a charm on there that I got from my Grandma just before she passed away and I have some from my Boyfriend that were a Christmas present, so I would love to add this to my bracelet as a memento of the day. The perfume is one that I love and find myself constantly lusting after it. It's such a classy scent that it would be perfect for this kind of occasion. Finally, how cute is this little bear, how could anyone deny it?! This is just too cute to say no too but once again isn't an essential.

I hope that you've enjoyed this little wishlist of all things graduation related! If you could help me choose between the two dresses then I would be extremely grateful :)

Are you graduating this year? What's on your most recent wishlist?

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