Sunday, 3 February 2013

30 Facts About Me

I've seen this tag has become increasingly popular on the blogger and youtube community, so I thought that I would give it a go and allow you to get to know a little better.  Some people have done different numbers of facts, but I thought that 30 would be a nice amount. So here are the facts about me...

1. My middle name is Ellen
2. I study at Manchester Metropolitan University
3. I have a strange fear of mannequins
4. I have 1 Tattoo...
5...and 5 piercings.
6. I have an unhealthy obsession with lipsticks
7. I love travel
8. I can speak fluent Spanish.
9. I have been with my boyfriend Olly for 4 years
10.  I suffer from anxiety
11. I'm the first person from my family to go to University
12. The first concert I ever went to see was Hearsay. Cheesey.
13. I named my pet dog after Jackson from Hannah Montana
14. My favourite cocktail is a Woo Woo
15. I love London
16. I can't drive
17. I moved out of my parents home when I was 19
18. I don't eat red meat
19. Harry Potter is my favourite set of films
20. I aspire to be an interpretor for Immigration Services
21. I'm terrible at growing my nails
22. I have really wide feet, which is a pain when buying boots
23. I'm extremely proud of my Yorkshire roots
24. I hate socks
25. I'm obsessed with the legendary TV show Friends
26. Squirrels are my favourite animal
27. I have a fascination with heavy rain. I love watching it fall.
28. I've always struggled with my weight
29. I used to take guitar and singing lessons 
30. I have a rare form of asthma 

So that is the random facts about me. I hope you enjoyed it and feel like you know me a little better now. If you have done this tag then I would love to see, so feel free to link it below :)


  1. Hiiii,

    Just found you thru #Bbloggers, love this blog so I will be hanging around =)(Jessica Knox / OhSoGawjess)

    I love these random facts posts.

    Want to follow me too?

    1. Thankyou love,y, will check your blog out :) x

  2. i feel the same about a lot of these, love london too and i can't drive either (i know it's stupid but sometimes i feel like the only one!). x

    1. I hate not been able to drive but its so expensive to learn! X

  3. I can't drive either, I'm from Glasgow originally and with so much public transport available (and the fact there's nowhere to park cars if you have them :P) I just don't see the point!

    Speaking of cheesy 1st concerts, mine was S Club 7, hell yeah!

    Christina xo


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