Saturday, 16 February 2013

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick: The Vivid Collection

Prepare yourself for a rave review! I had seen these lispsticks on a few blogs recently and knew that I was going to buy them. Fast forward to a trip to boots and I had two of these babies firmly in my grasp. 

The colours that I picked up were Hot Plum and and Fuschia Flash. I was tempted to pick up one of the red shades but do I really need another red shade? Well after trying these out the answer is yes, yes I do need another red shade, so I will definitely be picking the red up. 

The lipsticks have a new neon coated pigment technology in them which makes them the ultimate bright lip product. Not only are these the most pigmented lipsticks I've come across in a while, but they are so nourishing. This is due to the inclusion of honey, which is a welcome addition as most neon lipsticks tend to be dry and chalky. Stargazer, I'm looking at you!
Fuschia Flash

Hot Plum (apologies for the crack in the picture just on the left hand side of my lips, I think it's a crack on my camera lens. It only shows up on a handful of pictures)

These apply like a dream! I've seriously never had a lipstick that glides on so smoothly, except from maybe the MAC Lustre finishes. One coat of these bad boys and they you have a smooth, opaque finish. 

The addition to these in the Maybelline line makes me want to have a party and let some streamers off! I'm really pleased that a highstreet/drugstore have started to incorporate brighter shades into their lip products because lets face it, it was hard to get a decent one, until now! 

I would definitely recommend these to everyone and their mum! If you haven't already been to your nearest boots I suggest dropping everything and going right now! 

These retail at £7.19 each and are currently on buy one get one half price. Bargain! 


  1. I swatched these today and I'm amazed at how pigmented they are! x

    1. I was the same, as soon as I swatches them I put them in my basket! X

  2. I have Fuchsia Flash and and I absolutely love it! :)


    1. I'm counting down the days until spring so I can wear this everyday x

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