Thursday, 4 October 2012

Aussie Hair Care

Want to know what the best thing since sliced bread is? Look no further than Aussie hair products. I was once staying at my boyfriends mums and used these for the first time on my hair and thinking oh my wow (err what?!), I prayed that the hair salon I worked in would start using this.

I always thought that this particular brand of hair care products were slightly over priced for what you can essentially get for a lot cheaper. Now that I have tried numerous products I can honestly say that the quality is amazing, and whilst it might be a little more than what some people would like to spend, it certainly is worth the extra few pounds for a little bit of luxury.

These are the items that are top of my Aussie list...

Aussie Dual Protection Hair Spray:
Providing thermal and UV protection from the sun means that your sun is well looked after even on  those hot days/nights. This provides a strong hold, but maintains your hairs natural flexibility. No crunchy hair here ladies!

Aussie Shine Serum:
I actually bought two of these because I love it so much. A lightweight serum that has been a saviour for my thick hair. This enhances yours hairs natural shine and makes it extremely soft to the touch. This isn't as big as some as the other products but you only need a tin amount so it will last you a long time.

Aussie Take The Heat protection cream:
The most amazing smelling product you will ever use on your hair! This is a thick cream that protects your hair from all the heat appliances that we are guilty of using on our hair. Apply after towel drying your hair and then style as desired. Your hair will feel so much better after using this!

Aussie Colour Mate 3 Minute Miracle:
As a lover of hair masks (my thick hair does need some lovin') this was definitely at the top of my list. I colour my hair quite frequently so was after something that bring it back to life from its usual lack lustre ways. This certainly did the trick!

Aussie Luscious Long 3 Minute Miracle:
Again like the colour mate one, I knew I needed this! I have long hair already but have decided to grow it, so this conditioner helps me maintain the healthiness of my hair that is needed when growing your locks.

Aussie Leave In Heat Spray:
This is a nice addition to my collection because I like to use it after applying the heat prptection cream and blow drying my hair. A little spritz of this and them I'm ready to straighten or curl my hair.

Do you enjoy Aussie Hair Products? What are your favourites?


  1. I've tried the aussie products before, I think I'm going to have to repurchase another 3 minute miracle. My hair is so dry and lack-lustre atm!xxx

  2. I love Aussie!
    I use the miracle moist shampoo and conditioner, and a couple of the three minute miracles (the colour one and the reconstructor)which I alternate - I love it!


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