Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Wedding Series #5: The Guest List

Some of you might have noticed that on my Twitter I have been extremely excited lately, and for a good reason. We have finally set a date and booked a venue for our wedding! Eeeeekkk! It's all starting to feel very real now and I am in full wedding planning mode. 
As we have quite a way to go until the date, 24th September 2016, I'm concious that it's going to come round really fast. Plenty of people have told me how quickly it is going to be here, so I'm starting to get everything together now and hopefully I'll be organised in plenty of time. I thought that today I would share my thoughts on one of the bits that I have found the most stressful and that is writing the guest list. 

After finding a venue, putting together a guest list has been without a doubt the most stressful part of planning our wedding. I have sat down to write ours and have found my mind going blank or getting half way through and being distracted. I also had to take into consideration the numbers that our venue would allow. For example, we have booked a package deal which allows us to have 60 guests, and then any extra guests on top of that have be paid for per head. This was fine with us which is why we booked this package, however, it is so easy to get a little carried away. 

Things to take into consideration:
 - Work out the number of guests that you want to invite/that your venue will allow?
- Prioritise people. As horrible as this sounds, some guests will be more important than others. Start with your immediate family and then continue from there.
- Understand that not everyone will be able to make it so set an RSVP date.
- Decide whether you will allow plus ones and children. Everyone counts towards numbers.
- Make two lists, one for your ceremony and reception, and one for your evening reception.
- Have you spoken to them in the last year? If it's a no and without good reason then do you need them at your wedding?

I'm so pleased that ours has finally been done and all that is left to do is send the invites. I've got a couple more wedding related things going on this week, so there will be more posts in the wedding series soon :)

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